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  1. Here's the log : https://pastebin.com/cZjzwYdu Here's also the crash report: https://pastebin.com/3VKZhuMC
  2. I attached it to the item by using that event, it keeps crashing though saying that the sound event could be null. I did add a null check, but it still crashes. I'm a bit stumped on what to do IStaff Class: https://pastebin.com/NZs5dYdX Default Instance: https://pastebin.com/9cTvw6Kx Staff Storage: https://pastebin.com/N3UkfU2Y Staff Provider: https://pastebin.com/eAkDKtGd Staff Capability: https://pastebin.com/SUuqLJV4 Capability Handler: https://pastebin.com/qvrW6CCU
  3. Alright, so how would I go about about attaching it to my own item? There's an initcapabilites method in the item class that the bucket uses, so I'm assuming that? And how would I set things like soundevent and entity in the item class?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to better understand capabilities and how they work. I see a lot of examples/tutorials for entities and tile entities but not much for itemstacks, at least from what I could find. I'm trying to make an itemstack store an entity and a sound event for my own item, I dunno if I can possibly do that any other way as well. Any where I could look as an example/guide, or just an explanation?
  5. But isn't most rendering, if not all, handled on the client side of things? I tried it out, but it didn't do anything I tried that, but I just get some interesting results. Nothing to solve the issue
  6. Looking at it, it may having to do with the rendering file itself https://pastebin.com/iY6Zjv6U
  7. yea both are, I'm double checking everything like crazy rn lol. I don't see any in the log appearing either
  8. the image is called "slash.png" and I named the mcmeta file "slash.png.mcmeta"
  9. I made an mcmeta file for my png, and I thought that it would work as intended, but that's not the case. I looked at your example and the water one, but I dunno what's wrong with it. I've done this with items before with no issue, so I dunno why it's not working this time around. My image uses 3 frames, so 96 pixels vertically since it uses 32*32 sized sprites. Could that be the issue? here's the mcmeta file
  10. Is the texture animated, or are you talking about the flame effect it has?
  11. I was wondering how I should go about making an animated sprite for my projectile, it's just a basic 2D sprite no 3D model or anything like that. I thought it would be as easy as a .mcmeta file, but like usual nope. Anything I could reference? I don't think Minecraft itself has anything I can look at, although I am looking. Any help would be much appreciated
  12. I've tried other ways of setting it to zero, but those ways have just given me the same result
  13. So I have this, but x and z are still being affected by the y value
  14. What if instead I used a Quaternion based off the player's direction and rotation instead of using a Vector3D?
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