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  1. Hi! Is it possible to change a player's creature attributes to Undead? Or do i have to manually make the changes of being an undead to the player? (Like taking more damage with a Smite enchant, inverting the potions effects etc)
  2. Perfect! Everything works! Thanks a lot
  3. So, how am i supposed to register the ItemBlock? I have to put the item from the ObjectHolder?
  4. So everything is working except the blocks that are really weird I have 2 custom blocks and both have the same problem : When i place the block, the block doesnt have any textures/sounds/particles, but still have the effects and properties i have set in their class, but if they are placed with a command or a structure, the block is working perfectly (When i try to pick the working block (With the middle click), nothing happen, but when i do it on the glitchy one, i get the item) EDIT : Forgot to mention that they appear normal in hand and in inventory
  5. So, for example, if i make an item like this, it's not gonna work? @Override public ActionResult<ItemStack> onItemRightClick(World world, EntityPlayer player, EnumHand hand) { ItemStack itemstack = player.getHeldItem(hand); world.spawnEntity(new EntityItem(world, posX, posY, posZ, new ItemStack(new ExempleItem()))); return new ActionResult<ItemStack>(EnumActionResult.SUCCESS, itemstack); }
  6. Okay, so i registered everything like this (The string after is just to set the unlocalized name) : @SubscribeEvent public static void onItemRegister(RegistryEvent.Register<Item> event) { event.getRegistry().registerAll ( new ItemExemple0("item_exemple0"), new ItemExemple1("item_exemple1"), new ItemExemple2("item_exemple2") ); } Everything is working, and i still have those lines public static final Item ITEM_EXEMPLE = new ItemExemple("item_exemple"); Is it problematic if i use them? Not for the registering of course, but in general? For exemple : ItemStack stack = new ItemStack(ITEM_EXEMPLE); instead of ItemStack stack = new ItemStack(new ItemExemple("item_exemple"));
  7. Okay so now that the Items and blocks are registered, i need to find a way to register the models, so here's what i did : @SubscribeEvent public static void onModelRegister(ModelRegistryEvent event) { for(Item item : Item.REGISTRY) { if(item.getRegistryName().getResourceDomain().equals(Reference.MODID)) ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(item, 0, new ModelResourceLocation(item.getRegistryName(), "inventory")); } } Is it fine if i use the Resource Domain to register the model like this? (It's working perfectly but i don't know if that's a great way to do it)
  8. I just saw how Botania registered his Items and it's really close to what i already have and it's not using the ArrayList to register things, is it good?
  9. Hello! I saw on different posts that registering items like this i not the best way to do it @SubscribeEvent public static void onItemRegister(RegistryEvent.Register<Item> event) { event.getRegistry().registerAll(ModItems.ITEMS.toArray(new Item[0])); } I saw how VoidWalker was registering his items, and it seems more complicated and to be adding more code than what i currently have What are the downsides of doing what i do and how can i optimize it?
  10. I just retried the AttributeModifier, and yeah its working (but i have to put some crazy amounts) but the FOV go waaayy too high Is there a way to fix this?
  11. Hi! Im trying to make an armor piece that allow the player to move at normal speed when sneaking (The code im trying to make is inside a Tick Event) I already tried few things like PotionEffect, Attributes and Capabilities and any of them change the sneak walking speed I looked at the sneak cheat of few hacked clients and i can't find how they do Can anyone help me?
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