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  1. Whats EAQ mean/ stand for? Read the link for it, will get the logs tomorrow kids are in bed now.
  2. He was got the Twitch mods working all good, but still stuck on the forge mods. His brother has also just installed minecraft, I have followed all the steps to install forge and the mod and use the version of minecrsft/forge that the mod goes with but they just arent appearing in the game. Where am I going wrong.
  3. Oh ok cool. He started trying the twitch app for the mods, he seems to be working it out he is 10. Mum (me) is trying to act like I can help him haha, I have passed on the commemts here and he is loving the mods! Will let him know about the profiles.
  4. Thank you, going to check it out now. Can you use 1.12 version of forge instead with the latest minecraft, then change to the 1.13 when more mods become available?
  5. I bought minecraft for PC for my son today. Where do you find mods for minecraft 1.13.2. We have forge installed, mods are working, just cant find the right version mods. He really wants the lucky block. How do I get it? Also, can you only use the same version number mods. Havent been able to get any to work, so assuming they must all be 1.13.2. Not 100% sure how these mods work. Thanks
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