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  1. HOLY S***! (Is swearing allowed in the forums?) Turns out I was just being an idiot on Magic Launcher and I forgot to click on the "Test" button... Anyways, it works now! hehe Success is possible and can be very rewarding if you can figure it out by yourself
  2. Alright, I'll try it first thing tomorrow. Can't do it today since my mom would complain about me being on my computer so much because right now it's nearly 11:30 P.M. in my country... I use it here in the living room *sad life*
  3. Nope, still nothing. Any help on how to install forge using Magic Launcher? Or do I still do the minecraft.jar way?
  4. Okay, I found out there were mods in my mods folder, so I deleted them. Now it seems like I need to use a different launcher, but I'm using the default launcher... huh. Anyways, I'm gonna try Magic Launcher this time. If there are any more problems that you found other than those two, by all means, tell me please.
  5. Okay, this is the first time I have used Forge. I followed the instructions VERY carefully, yet I keep getting black screens each time Forge is finished installing. This has been repeated for the past 2 weeks that I tried to install Forge. Before you ask, I did delete META-INF, and I did download the lib files and put them into the respective directory. I even tried to recover that last lib file and retry the installation. I even used the recommended build, but it still doesn't work. Sorry if I'm acting like a bitch Anyways, here is the ForgeModLoader-client-0 text document I hope I didn't screw up the spoiler tags...
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