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  1. Ok I get that, but the guy in the video did it exactly the same way and it worked perfectly for him, also none of those mods are available in 1.13 to my knowledge Edit: Ok I figured it out, the website i got the mods on was just wonky now I have the right versions, thanks!
  2. So I am kind of new in the "modern modding scene" as I havent played since 1.4.7 (golden age of mods if u ask me). I watched a tutorial today as i wanted to start a new single player world with some small but useful mods but as soon as I start the game it just says that any mod files I put in the mod folder are "invalid" it doesnt matter which mods I choose (not even getting started with optifine). What am I doing wrong and what can i do to fix this? Thanks, Gordon latest.log
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