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  1. Ohh, okay, now I get it. It doesn't happen in singleplayer, I've tried that. Runs normal there. I do have full access to the server, however, so I could try that but that'd be quite a lot of work. So many mods... Anyway, thanks for making that clear, I'll see if I can locate the bad boy then!
  2. That's... interesting? I mean, how can it not have access to the server when - so far - everything runs fine? Besides, I can't even think of a mod that would have a reason to do that. Not saying you're wrong, I'm just completely stumped as to which mod is causing this...
  3. I've run across a strange... well, it's not an error but still mildly annoying. After updating to the latest Forge build today, it started spamming the client - and only the client - logfile while connected to my external server (which, yes, also runs the latest build, I've checked twice now) with the following line each game tick: I'm connected just fine to the server (infact I am right now) and can play normally, but this line keeps getting written into the logfile over and over and over. As far as I understand, Forge is trying to send packets to a server which it thinks isn't there, yet somehow still manages to work with?
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