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  1. I’m looking for a Java\Kotlin\Scala programmer for my Minecraft startup project team; skills in C++, Python, OpenGL, GraphQL, 3D will be appreciated. We use GitLab, Google Drive and YouTrack for project management. Our project is hosted on 48Gb RAM, 24-Core 2.5GHz, PCI SSD units. We have plans to purchase a room for servers in Kiev. We use Arch Linux, Docker. We have around 15000 potential players at start. There are 2 game programmers in my team for now and I am looking for yet one. We also have people like designer, PR manager, assistant.Here’s our YouTrack (and a few regular tasks): - Overview- MP Savior- MP Speed- MP IntrusionExample of done work: YouTubeGoogle Drive:- Root- GameOne of our primary goals is to move from Thermos to Forge (our future mini-games server will use cuberite, i.e C++), therefore most of Bukkit plugins have been replaced by our own mods (e.g LuckPerms, Essentials, WorldEdit). We have our own launcher, written on C++ and Kotlin. Launcher uses P2P to download the client. Realizing that real client-side protection does not exist, we writing the technical assignment for server-side anti-cheat. In the near future we will begin working on multithreading.Our back-end architecture is one where back-end itself is a standalone app that interacts with modules, such as website, launcher, game, etc. Website in this case works as front-end, sending API request to the back-end, same for launcher and game. With our shop player can buy either one of premade roles or create his own.A few examples of our design:- Admin- MainWe have a really long list of cool features, we have made or will make. Beta version opening is planned on summer. Our goal is profitable, nice and easy to play server.If you're interested then we can communicate in Telegram: @NASAok or in Discord: NASA__#5330.
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