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  1. That indeed solves the problem, suppose I'll just switch to OptiFine, thanks.
  2. Disabling both does not solve the problem, removes 2 errors, new log file: The mod I'm attempting to use requires ModLoader, Forge, and Player API. I got MLMP from a different mod but never bothered to disable it when I stopped using that mod.
  3. Hey all, I'd like to start off by saying that I use an external launcher for Minecraft titled "Minecraft Magic Launcher" which can be found at This Link. What this launcher does is organize mods, and orders them appropriately. So far the only mod I've found incompatible is MC Patcher, which is to be expected since MC Patcher directly modifies minecraft's actual files. When I load Forge up, it returns 16 errors. The order I'm running in is as follows: ModLoader.zip ModLoaderMP1.2.4v1.zip MinecraftForge- MC 1.2.5 - Player API client 1.5.zip ReiMinimap_v3.0_0
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