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  1. HWYLA also takes in the color coded name of the liquid stored nice
  2. Found the error, I thought I already implemented the getCapabilities() method, but no Now it works
  3. So I've created a basic Block with a corresponding TileEntity class. The TileEntity implements IFluidHandler and IFluidTank and stores a FluidStack. So it already implements all needed methods (e.g. drain) and works perfectly! I tried my mod out with some other, quality of life mods (in this case HWYLA) and HWYLA throws an error each tick when I look at the mentioned Block. How can I let HWYLA know what kind of information should be shown in the tooltip? (I didn't find any wiki or tutorial explaining that, that's why I'm asking the question here) TileEntityTimeGenerator.java BlockTime
  4. So, im working at a kind of Guide Book. A created a kind of abstraction for it, one of them is the class "CraftingRecipe". When you call the draw method of this class, it should draw a crafting grid(works) and the items/blocks that are located in the grid. I copied the method "drawItemStack" from GuiContainer to draw the itemsstacks: public void drawItemStack(ItemStack stack, int x, int y, String altText) { RenderHelper.disableStandardItemLighting(); RenderHelper.enableGUIStandardItemLighting(); GlStateManager.translate(0.0F, 0.0F, 32.0F); zLevel = 200.0F;
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