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  1. For some reason, When i set the global settings to use my Nvidia graphics card instead of just choosing minecraft.exe to use it, (as well as the launcher) it works... makes no sense, but THANK YOU. It did seem oddly familiar to back then. Praise you random citizen!!!!!!! And thanks for all your work too DaemonUmbra
  2. I already did this a WHILE back at like minecraft patch like 1.6 or something like that because my vanilla minecraft would crash the same way, but i can check again, but what doesn't make sense is is that it doesn't do it for vanilla but only forge
  3. Sorry, The forum didn't let me post these two in quick succession but it was very late last night and I had just realized the time. I might be able to continue this in a couple hours.
  4. I just checked in my Nividia Geforce Experience and it said they were up to date. So im not sure what else would be at play here, I'm using my Nvidia graphics card for minecraft not my integrated one so I know that's not the problem...
  5. These are all the ones I found. Are these the error reports because if they are I feel stupid. hs_err_pid33396.log hs_err_pid39972.log hs_err_pid40044.log hs_err_pid8012.log hs_err_pid8068.log Side Note: the one ending in 8012 is the most recent one.
  6. I keep noticing that it saves and pauses the game right as I load in. Is there something that could be automatically quitting me from the game? Or is that just because I'm crashing the game is trying to save the world?
  7. So I can go into the game, and the main menu and all that, but the second that I generate or load a world, My game loads maybe a chunk maybe more and then it just stops closes the game and either gives me a java error like something happened and caused this OR it just completely closes minecraft and sends me back to the launcher where the launcher says oops something went wrong.
  8. I edited my original post to have the gist paste of it, anything to fix this, modded minecraft is my jam.
  9. I keep crashing right after I load into the world, I load in (and this is with no mods or just one i have tested anytime it is forge it does this) and then it starts to load the chunks then it starts freezes and crashes but with no report.... I have the debug file if anyone would like to see it below. Right after I load in you see that it says: "[22:25:36] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML]: Overriding dimension: using 0" and then "[22:25:37] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer]: Saving and pausing game..." and that's basically when I crash. So i'm not sure what is
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