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  1. ok thank you do i have to make the capability by myself or does it already exists in vanilla?
  2. Can I use getCooledAttackStrength In this event?
  3. How can i check if a player attack is fully charged? I am doing this in a LivingHurtEvent. Thank you
  4. What do you mean every time? Isnt that supposed to just go in the mod's constructor? Isn't getClass the only way to get the class from the object?
  5. public void overrideMaxDefenceValue(double newValue) throws NoSuchFieldException, SecurityException, IllegalAccessException { Field value = SharedMonsterAttributes.ARMOR.getClass().getDeclaredField("maximumValue"); value.setAccessible(true); value.set(value, newValue); } Is this correct?
  6. but if i do that wouldnt it override every single attribute?
  7. Im not familiar with reflections but i tried to replace the field without success: private void setMaxDefenseValue() throws NoSuchFieldException, SecurityException, IllegalAccessException { Class<SharedMonsterAttributes> attributesArmor = SharedMonsterAttributes.class; Field fieldArmor = attributesArmor.getField("ARMOR"); IAttribute attribute = (new RangedAttribute((IAttribute)null, "generic.armor", 0.0D, 0.0D, 1024.0D)).setShouldWatch(true); Object armor = fieldArmor.get(attribute); fieldArmor.set(attribute, armor); } I called this in the constructor of
  8. Is there a way to get the defense higher than the 30 limit and why theres a limit here?
  9. Ok i actually managed to do it without the capability: if(headHealth > 0) { //headHealth is the enchantment level String id = "head-health-boost-enchantment"; boolean isAlreadyApplied = false; for(AttributeModifier modifer : utils.MAX_HEALTH().getModifiers()) { //utils.MAX_HEALTH() returns the max health attribute if(modifer.getName().equals(id)) { isAlreadyApplied = true; } } if(!isAlreadyApplied) { AttributeModifier newModifier = new AttributeModifier(id, headHealth * 2, Operation.ADDITION); utils.MAX_HEALTH().applyModifier(newModifie
  10. Ok i got it work but do i need to create a capability just to save if the effect is applied?
  11. @SubscribeEvent public static void update(LivingUpdateEvent event) { LivingEntity entity = event.getEntityLiving(); LivingEntityUtils utils = new LivingEntityUtils(entity); int bonus = utils.calculateHealthBonus(); //The bonus double baseHealth = entity.getAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.MAX_HEALTH).getBaseValue(); entity.getAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.MAX_HEALTH).setBaseValue(baseHealth + bonus); } Save the default max healths
  12. It does, I just tested it in my world and the health keeps increasing So I have the put the values manually?
  13. Yes it is: Update 1 ===: 20 + 2(bonus) Update 2 ===: 22 + 2(bonus) ec.. It gets modified and the health will increase infinitely. I tested it and yea, this is the problem. Just asking if i can cast EntityType to LivingEntity
  14. I found this method: entity.getAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.MAX_HEALTH).setBaseValue but i need to get the entity's default max health. So i created a HashMap<LivingEntity, Double> to store the values. I would put the entries during the registry event<EntityType>. Is there a way to cast EntityType to LivingEntity so i can get the attribute when the game loads? I cant just use entity.getAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.MAX_HEALTH).getBaseValue() because im in a LivingUpdateEvent and it will become a loop
  15. I can't find this field in the entity class. Are you sure its on 1.14?
  16. How can I set a living entity max health and a living entity defense? I need that to calculate a health bonus and a defense bonus. Thank you
  17. Thank you, i will do that. But what if its replaced by another mod? Maybe with the event would be better.
  18. How can I remove a vanilla loot pool? It needs a name but i cant figure out wich name: @SubscribeEvent public static void loot(LootTableLoadEvent event) { ResourceLocation iron = new ResourceLocation("minecraft", "blocks/iron_ore"); ResourceLocation gold = new ResourceLocation("minecraft", "blocks/gold_ore"); if(event.getName().equals(iron)) { event.getTable().removePool("minecraft:iron_ore"); event.getTable().addPool(LootPool.builder().addEntry(TableLootEntry.builder(new ResourceLocation(ortonogeum.INSTANCE.assets.name, "blocks/ore_iron"))).build());
  19. otherwise does a MinecraftForge.addGrassSeed void exists in 1.14.4?
  20. Okay, I will do that for now. In the future if they will add the events i will use them.
  21. Is it possible to replace the loottable file replacing it in data/minecraft/loot_tables?
  22. So at the moment there is not an event similiar to HarvestDropsEvent?
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