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  1. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. But I think I want to do the client one. Seems the most accurate. Know where I can start because I'm not sure?
  2. How so? I have a stamina capability for EntityPlayer's. Maybe in there?
  3. @Animefan8888 This may be a weird question but is there a way to check where the player was, say, (thier ping in ms) ago?
  4. OH! If the player you attacked has their crosshair on you, they block your attack at the cost of stamina. For them, an arm swing animation goes off and it makes the appropriate sound depending on what's in their hands.
  5. Thanks for responding. After the event goes off, I am trying to have that if-statement true if the player is looking at another player with their crosshair. I made this part of the mod solely server driven, the if-statement will only go true if you lead you crosshair (if the player you're looking at is moving). I have to aim where the server has its data of the player (I think). I am trying to have this if-statement true based on where the client sees the player. I think the problem falls along the same lines of how hit registration works client-side on most shooter games as far as I know.
  6. Hello, I implemented a way to check if the player is looking at another player. I have to lead my cross-hair because it is only server-side (checks where player is on the server instead of the client's view). Any way I can check what the player is looking at client-side without being easily hackable? Here is what I did: https://github.com/PapaVinny/HelpWithCombat/blob/master/java/mod/papavinny/swordfight/SwordfightEvents.java The aiming part comes in on line 58.
  7. My college courses so far never covered that, odd I know. I'll have to learn that. Printing within the constructor of the packet sends a print message. The single matching number is printed directly from that entity's handler: So I am pretty sure it's sending. handleClientPlayer doesnt seem to be going off I'll look into that.
  8. I'm sorry, the error was actually caused by another packet but I fixed regardless. It no longer crashes but my stamina bar is still blank. Know why that could be? I'm pretty sure it has to do with line 32 in my StamMessage class.
  9. Hello again diesieben07, I think cleaned up the issues you pointed out besides the SwordSoundHandler class. It seems to have issues when I take the annotation off but I will come back to that. Though, I'm trying to figure out the packets. Here is my most up-to-date work leading directly to my actual GUI class: https://github.com/PapaVinny/SwordfightPacketHelp/blob/master/java/mod/papavinny/swordfight/gui/StaminaGUI.java Problems: In the GUI class, I am trying to get the variable "stamina" to be set with setStam() method. Whenever the stamina value changes for the player, a pa
  10. Thanks for responding so fast, If I'm understanding: So don't extend common proxy in the client proxy class? Also, are you saying to use SidedProxy in the StaminaGUI class? ClientProxy class? I don't think I'm understanding what you mean by "encapsulate access to client-only classes". Noted, will fix. Thanks, removed. Should probably initialize that within the actual method, I'm not sure. Made a while ago.
  11. Hello, when I attempt to launch a server with my mod from my IDE, it crashes. Launching client works fine. Here is part of the stack trace showing ClassNotFoundException: Here is where I register the class: https://github.com/PapaVinny/SwordfightOverlayHelp/blob/master/java/mod/papavinny/swordfight/Main.java Questions Do I have proxies and/or main set up correctly? Why can't my StaminaGUI class be found?
  12. Where is your CowStats class used? edit: found it, still confusing but I'll keep reading
  13. Thank you for the advice. Would you know how I would use the capability I made? That's what I've been struggling with, not understanding how to use it.
  14. Hello, I was told my stamina class is prone to hacking. How can I make the class more hack-resistant? I was told to make a capability but I feel like storing stamina and the cooldowns serverside would cause the server excessive stress. Here is the stamina class: https://github.com/PapaVinny/swordfightbeta1/blob/master/java/mod/papavinny/swordfight/Stamina.java Any other critiques on the rest of the mod are welcome. Appreciate any pointers (p.s. capabilities are not used in mod/ was just working on them).
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