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  1. I didn't need that response. Cause If I didn't know java my mod would be broken and never work. And it seems to me the mod works perfectly.
  2. If I expect someone to give advice it's on the issue I'm having not my programming patterns issues.
  3. Well, I can I came here for one topic and that was Why it wasn't showing up. Not about my code style... And people do not like it when people talk about other things then the subject they want to talk about. And it's my opinion. Not an attitude. On I feel on how the staff is treating the support very wrong.
  4. There only issue there was is the json was done wrong. AND the en was named wrong. SO next time do not put your options in cause I didn't have to do it.
  5. Not all of the things listed were the issue to my problem which is offtopic matter this code worked before. Cause I made this code I just replaced the words that needed to be. I just asked what caused it. Not everything that's that issue with my whole mod
  6. Well, I'm not having errors with the code. I'm using it perfectly fine. I just need to know why the textures are not applying. And the lang file doesn't apply. The side proxy stuff etc. Has nothing to do with textures or lang file!
  7. Cause I didn't put it in yet. I made a mod in the past as the style your seeing now in 1.12.2 I prefer this way but what's causing the file from giving its correct name is something overriding if you can please tell me that info I will be good!
  8. Still having issues Here is a GitHub to my code. https://github.com/StarlightAvan/RPItems
  9. So I have put the assets for the textures in the folder and have put the en_lang.lang in as what my items and creative tab labeled why is it not working?
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