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  1. the version is 1.12.2 and I'm looking to use it for a roleplay that I and another youtube are working on we have several actors and I'm looking to get this finished by the beginning of the summer any guide or nudge in the direction whether or not its something that will tell me how to link my own mod's models, the models available via MPM. I can use any help I'm a pretty good modeler I just need to know how I connect my models from my mod to the available models to chose I'm only looking to add parts in particular Ears, Tail and maybe wings. I hope you can respond to me copies anything I make ill be sure to share with you if you want and when the roleplay is over I will share the models with the viewers if that's okay but its ultimately up to you if you help me thank you if you help me and thank you for responding even if you don't help me
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