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  1. My Custom modded forge server with about 50 Mods stutters on my end when I am playing. I though it was my Java and when i installed the latest Java the game ran smoothly but I was not able to use my Run.bat file to allocate ram to the server with more than 1GB of ram. Ideally i would like at least 3GB of ram to the server. I then installed the 64-Bit version of Java which allowed me to use more ram in the batch file. However ingame it stutters quite a bit. Without the 64bit the game runs fine however I would like to give more ram for my server to use. If anyone knows how to get 64-Bit Java to work and get my game to run smoothly all help would be much appreciated. I also have a pretty decent PC and i'll list the specs. Intel i7 4790K GTX 1080 16GB DDR3 RAM Thanks to anyone who can help me. :)
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