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  1. With my mod adding a few crops and food, I'd like for them to be able to be recycled in the composter block. However, the way Vanilla Minecraft registers items as compostable is through a private method within the composter class. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can register my items as compostable without having to create a new variant of the composter?
  2. private static final Set<Item> TEMPTATION_ITEMS = Sets.newHashSet(Items.CARROT, Items.POTATO, Items.BEETROOT); protected void initEntityAI() { this.tasks.addTask(4, new EntityAITempt(this, 1.2D, false, TEMPTATION_ITEMS)); } Just to clarify, I did not make a custom entity. I'm trying to tempt vanilla animals. With this in mind, here is a snippet of the code from the EntityPig class. To add my item to TEMPTATION_ITEMS, will I need to create myself a new EntityPig class with my item inside the set? Or how do I go about modifying this?
  3. Thanks, I got that the breeding to work. What about making the item attract animals while being only held in your hand?
  4. Like wheat and seeds in vanilla, how can I give an item the ability to breed animals?
  5. I want acacia leaves to drop this fruit item. I know Blocks.LEAVES are oak, birch, spruce, and jungle blocks, and Blocks.LEAVES2 are acacia and dark oak, but how do I reference specifically acacia leaves in LEAVES2? Here is a part of my code: if (block.equals(Blocks.LEAVES2)) { //if(Math.random()<0.05) world.spawnEntity(new EntityItem(world, pos.getX(), pos.getY(), pos.getZ(), new ItemStack(ModItems.FRUIT))); }
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