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  1. I'm so sorry I haven't responded in a while I'm on vacation and I don't know where to find that
  2. no, and I'm so sorry for all the trouble I'm putting you through because I'm really not good with this stuff
  3. but what do I do also I'm on vacation so i may not be responding much
  4. ive tried but then it doesnt allow me to put it in this site
  5. should I delete these I've been trying to fix this for around a week and sadly there is a time limit because I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I won't be back for 6 weeks so I just would like a step by step tutorial on what I should do
  6. In the crash report, it says coremods are present what does this mean? I also noticed that jukeboxes are that weird block that is has pink and blacks squares on it
  7. Why are the debug logs at the bottom of the logs folder then because the bottom is where all the newest stuff is
  8. Actually, use this one because I believe it is the most recent debug-5.log.gz
  9. I figured something out, I started adding mods one by one and the ones that made the server crash I didn't use and the server works perfectly but there is one problem after playing for a minute or so the game, not the server crashes and says it crashed whilst ticking entity so all I need to know is how to fix this
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