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  1. I meant like a keybind to instantly change it. If I press F it would be 100 and R would be 50
  2. Alright, I know this sounds dumb, but I am trying to learn to bridge and the ability to toggle your sensitivity would be useful. My question is if a mod like this were to exist. And if it did, would it be allowed. Btw I can toggle my dpi on my mouse bios but this mod could also be useful for others
  3. I am trying to help my friend install forge for the first time because he barely knows anything about pcs. he doesnt even know how to navigate the file explorer. Now the thing is we were doing a call with share screen on google hangouts and when i directed him to go to the forge website, i started to ask him for a username and password which i thought was weird so i told him to close out of it So i made a google drive link to a forge that i already install so he could download it from there. The problem? when he tries to install it it says something like "failure to install libraries". I haven't ever come across that error so i didn't know how to fix it. So my question is does it require certain specs or do i have to download it from the main website. Also how do i fix it lol
  4. This many seem like a stupid question but if you were to create a crafting recipe that creates an item of another mod, will it work. ex: OreSpawn Mod GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(oreswawn.slice), new Object[]{" B ", " B ", " B ", 'B', Items.apple}); the you install your mod with the orespawn
  5. Please do not advertise on this forum
  6. To start off, I am a complete noob at modding. Also, this will probably be the dumbest question you have seen. I just want to know how to add events for items Im using a sword and what is want to do is that when i hit a mob, the mob burns. btw im using 1.7.10 and credits to Mr.Crayfish for this code (also im only 9 years old so pls dont make fun of me)
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