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  1. I have tried to make my mcmod.info file for 1.6.1. I Looked up over 10 topics and websites about it. I followed every single thing and it didn't work. So after forever I decided to just copy the mcpmod.info file and rename it mcmod.info to see if it would work. The file still would not load ingame through eclipse. Is anyone else having this problem? If not how do I fix it. I did check the file if it is missing any quotes or comma's and its not. I made sure that the file modID, name, and version are identical to the ones in the @Mod section. I also made sure that it is in forge/mcp/src/minecraft folder where all the other images and files go. Nothing is working. Can anyone help?
  2. I closed all my programs and tried it. Still didn't work. So I restarted my computer to try it and again same problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. I have tried this now like 10 times and I keep getting the same error and it is getting on my nerves. Can anyone help here is the code: ================ Forge ModLoader Setup Start =================== Downloaded mcp7.25.zip Extracting MCP to 'C:\Users\NotTelling\Desktop\Programming\forge\mcp' Setting up MCP Backing up commands.py patching file commands.py Commands patch applied successfully Copying FML conf Creating re-packaged srg Creating re-packaged exc Creating re-packaged MCP patch Fixing MCP Workspace Downloaded argo-2.25.jar Downloaded guava-12.0.1.jar Downloaded guava-12.0.1-sources.jar Downloaded asm-all-4.0.jar Downloaded asm-all-4.0-source.jar Downloaded bcprov-jdk15on-147.jar Downloaded lwjgl.jar Downloaded lwjgl_util.jar Downloaded jinput.jar Downloaded windows_natives.jar Extracting jinput-dx8.dll Extracting jinput-dx8_64.dll Extracting jinput-raw.dll Extracting jinput-raw_64.dll Extracting lwjgl.dll Extracting lwjgl64.dll Extracting OpenAL32.dll Extracting OpenAL64.dll Downloaded macosx_natives.jar Extracting libjinput-osx.jnilib Extracting liblwjgl.jnilib Extracting libopenal.dylib Extracting openal.dylib Downloaded linux_natives.jar Extracting libjinput-linux.so Extracting libjinput-linux64.so Extracting liblwjgl.so Extracting liblwjgl64.so Extracting libopenal.so Extracting libopenal64.so Downloaded minecraft.jar Downloaded minecraft_server.jar == MCP 7.25 (data: 7.25, client: 1.4.6, server: 1.4.6) == # found ff, ff patches, srgs, name csvs, doc csvs, param csvs, renumber csv, ast yle, astyle config > Creating Retroguard config files == Decompiling client using fernflower == > Creating SRGs > Applying Retroguard > Compiling AccessTransformer > Compiling MCPMerger > Running MCPMerger > Running AccessTransformer Forge config detected > Really Applying Retroguard > Applying MCInjector > Unpacking jar > Copying classes > Decompiling > Copying sources > Applying fernflower fixes > Applying patches > Cleaning comments - Done in 149.71 seconds == Reformating client == > Cleaning sources FATAL ERROR Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\Alexander\Desktop\Programming\forge\mcp\runtime\decompile.py", line 116, in decompile strip_comments=strip_comments, exc_update=exc_update) File "C:\Users\Alexander\Desktop\Programming\forge\mcp\runtime\mcp.py", line 6 8, in decompile_side reformat_side(commands, side) File "C:\Users\Alexander\Desktop\Programming\forge\mcp\runtime\mcp.py", line 8 4, in reformat_side commands.process_cleanup(side) File "C:\Users\Alexander\Desktop\Programming\forge\mcp\runtime\commands.py", l ine 1338, in process_cleanup src_cleanup(pathsrclk[side], fix_imports=True, fix_unicode=True, fix_charval =True, fix_pi=True, fix_round=False) File "C:\Users\Alexander\Desktop\Programming\forge\mcp\runtime\pylibs\cleanup_ src.py", line 256, in src_cleanup shutil.move(tmp_file, src_file) File "shutil.pyc", line 300, in move WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: 'src\\minecraft\\net\\minecraft\\world\\IBlockAccess.ja va.tmp' Decompile Exception: 1 Press any key to continue . . . Help would be greatly appreciated!
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