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  1. @larsgerrits Thank you so much! I got it now. I took a look inside a datapack. The json has to be in data/modid/minecraft/loot_tables/entities And then my cow.json is looking like this and it works: I could also eddit/add new crafting recipes or new items to dungion chests.
  2. Okay but how can I edit/add to a vanilla mobs's loot_table?
  3. Hello, I wanted to add an CustomItem to the cows/any other mobs normal Drops. My customcow class looks like this: Ive tried a lot of variants for the customcow.json loot_table: or: or just straight up copying the cow(or other mob) loot_table and changing the items: But none of it seems to work. The cow is just dropping its vanilla items. Has anybody got an idea?
  4. Nether Ore Generation works now thanks to @MrTroble. He helped me a lot on the HyCraftHD Discord, and spent quite a lot of time to find out how the things work. My OreGeneration class now looks like this so I made another "public static void" called it SetupNetherOreGen. Inside of that Mr.Troble found out how to change the biome to the Nether biomes.NETHER.addFeature(GenerationStage.Decoration.UNDERGROUND_ORES, Biome.func_222280_a(Feature.MINABLE, new OreFeatureConfig (OreFeatureConfig.FillerBlockType.NETHERRACK, YOURBLOCK.getDefaultState(), 7/*MaxOreVeinSize*/
  5. PROGRESS! Okay thanks to @HyCraftHD(YT Comments) and @Kaelym searching in the DefaultBiomeFeatures Class did eventually help. I only got it working for the overworld though so it would be great if someone could fiddle around with it to get it working in the nether/end/other dimension. I've made an OreGeneration class that looks like this: I found this OreGen Class by @LTNightshade and edited it so it'd work with 1.14.2 The public static void SetupOrGen() can then be "called" in the setup function in your main class. I realy hope a dimension implementation i
  6. Like I said Im new to modding. I did search in the class and tried out some things but no Result.
  7. @desht THANK YOU! Finaly it works. First of yes the data.... folder is the right one. And I finally found the problem I've had { "type": "cockmod:block", "pools": [ { "name": "cockmod:cockpool", "rolls": 1, "entries": [ { "type": "cockmod:item", "name": "cockmod:cockingot" } ], "conditions": [ { "condition": "minecraft:survives_explosion" } ] } ] } but I need { "type": "minecraft:block", "pools": [ { "name": "cockmod:cockpool", "rolls": 1, "entrie
  8. @desht Thank you for your Help but sadly I still couldn't get it to work. I've tried (cockBlocks and CockItems are the classes were the items and blocks are beeing reigstered) and
  9. Ok that's definetly bringin me in the right direction but I stil couldn't get it to work rn. I've put it in my block class public class cockblock extends Block{ public cockblock() { super(Properties.create(Material.ROCK).lightValue(15).hardnessAndResistance(4).slipperiness( 1.5f).sound(SoundType.SLIME)); } @Override public ToolType getHarvestTool(BlockState state) { return ToolType.PICKAXE; } @Override public int getHarvestLevel(BlockState state) { return 3; } @Override public ResourceLocation getLootTable() { return super.getLootTable(); }
  10. Hello,I am new to modding and I have made some Custom Blocks using a Blocks class in which the Blocks are registered and the class of the custom block itself (I do appologize for the names of the blocks/classes, I just named the first block like this and then stuck with it) Blocks.java The Comments are for me, so I don't forgett which things I need to add for a new Block. And a custom Block The Blocks Properties and Texture all work fine ingame but when I try to mine it with a Diamond Pickaxe it just gets lost. I have tried many things. This for exam
  11. Hello, I wanted to make a mod for me and my friends again, last time was in 1.8 I think so im not really experienced in modding, and I started searching up tutorials for 1.14. I wasn't suprised that I didn't find any since 1.14.2 is still quite new. I did find one for 1.13.2 which worked quite well. I made an ore with the fitting ingot and the Tools for it.(No recepies right now). Then I watched the tutorial for custom ore generation and it didn't work. I couldn't import the CompositeFeature and MinableConfig, I have found the equivalent class to import of MinableConfig on this website https:/
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