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  1. im not sure what i said that is not true. maybe next time you can be more descriptive with your words. i modded long ago with 1.5.2 and jumped all the way to 1.14 and so i dont know about any of the versions in between. if you are talking about the materials not meaning much in older versions, in 1.5.2 the materials had no major effect on the block and were mainly used as a grouping system by mods. if you are talking about the materials in 1.14 there are definitely materials that force the block to not require any tool to be harvested. as i posted before you
  2. I FOUND OUT WHY!!! i tried to change to the newest version and the problem persisted. after delving into the forge files i was able to find out that it had nothing to do with forge not working properly and had everything to do with the material type. in older versions of minecraft the material did not really mean much. now there are materials that require no tool. take a look at net.minecraftforge.common.ForgeHooks if you are interested. all i had to do was change my blocks Material from SAND to ROCK and everything worked as expected.
  3. i am also having the same issue. i tried to use the spawnAdditionalDrops but it is still being called even when i use my fist. what version of forge are you both using maybe it has something to do with that. i am using forge-1.14.2-26.0.25 i had the idea of using json to check if you are using a diamond pick but this would get very messy when using multiple tools and tool types and it would not truly fix the problem. i am going to try a few different forge versions and see if it works on an older or newer one. ill be sure to report back with any findings
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