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  1. Hai, I made a modded world for minecraft 1.6.4 but my world generate gravel so i tried to make a mystcraft age and even than i still can't gravel. so i tried to make a hole new world and still no gravel. this is my modpack and i use the normal mc launcher
  2. i think this is a bug. i can make mystcraft portals with forge multipart. in this video i'm in a mystcraft age and got teleported back in the overworld. if i do this in the overworld nothing happend !. the pleace where the portal is i can't put anyblock and i can't delete the portal ! http://youtu.be/RM3aQqwnlSY
  3. pig spawner. but on the other side were the furnaces are i have fps issues also and behind that wall is nothing
  4. ok i made a video . normaly i have 20 frame and when i go to area's my fps do down. i check you link but i don't know what number are changens and what causing this http://youtu.be/lDJauBXtQz8
  5. I have a problem i play minecraft ftb unleashed pack. and i made a base. but in my base there is one chunk that lags. in that chunk there is nothing no machine, no cable, nothing. if i walk over the chunk i go from 40fs to 6fs and it only in one direction . do you know how to fix it or what is causing the problem?
  6. i have some problems with my minecraft 1.5.2 world in the world i have 109 mods loaded but i have some issues, some part of a mod don't work or work only in the begin when i opened the world i will give some examples: stevecarts: the modules for my cart assembler don't connect and don't work..... mystcraft:3d portals don't make a portal when i put my book inside MFR: rubber trees and normal trees sometimes don't grow even with fertilizer endertanks:when i wanna connect an endertank to a railcraft tank with a railcraft boiler 5blocks in the area i can't change it from input to output arsmagica:can't make a nexus with the chalk this are all small think that don't work when I'm playing in my world one these are connect(steve carts,arsmagica,mystcraft) it work but i only can connect it in the begin when i just reloaded and started my minecraft world i don't know what mod are how to fix it i hope someone can help me thank you in advance Arno
  7. when i wanne open an existing world in my 69mod instance it's crash my minecraft but when i make a new world it don't i hope some1 have a solution for it
  8. (new ItemStack(ItemInterface.getItem("Item.canBiofuel")) have an error : the contructor ItemStack(ItemStack) is undifend
  9. how can i implement an forestry item ? this is my recipe : import forestry.api.core.ItemInterface; import ic2.api.Ic2Recipes; import ic2.api.Items; import net.minecraft.block.Block; import net.minecraft.item.Item; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; Ic2Recipes.addCraftingRecipe(new ItemStack(ItemInterface.getItem(Item.canBiofuel)), new Object[]{ "TT ","TTT","TTT, 'T', Items.getItem("matter") }); (ItemInterface.getItem(Item.canBiofuel)) this part isn't correct but i don't know how i have to fix it
  10. and where can i find the air and sutch
  11. You can't make something like "Speed Boots" because motionX, motionY, motionZ wont work in TickHandler... ok thx, but how i can do the rest ?
  12. I' making an armor mod but i like to put some effects on my armor. for that i need you'r help helmet - allows breathing underwater plate- heals you while in water *subject to change* Leggings - allows you to "float" in water when your not moving. boots - Allows you to move faster when your in water but move slower on land. how i need to to that plzz help me
  13. this is a part out of my world gen : if you do it like this
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