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  1. na, I don't have the mod tfoley believes the error comes from, but I had t: Exception in world tick happen to me.
  2. still not pirating if I get it from minecraft's site.
  3. Ya, I believe that error might be a vanilla or forge bug because I play on a 1.4.6 server and I had a few of those errors happen to the server.
  4. Try studying how MultiMC launches minecraft.
  5. ok a long while ago(saying long because I forget how long ago it happened), and I was banned from #minecraftforge for a reason of "pirating minecraft" and I'm like, "how is it pirating it if I don't distribute?" and I'm wondering if I can get unbanned from it so if I ever need help while I code a mod, I can get it. P.S. My esper.net nickname is WildCard65
  6. Ok, I'm wonder if forge comes equipped with code that you can use to have more then 1 item you need in a furnace input slot for it to start smelting. Ex(using items from my mod): 16 ironsticks go into furnace input slot, 4 irongoo comes out, 16 iron sticks dissappear. Any ideas? If there isn't anything like that(and what I see, there might not be), any work arounds?
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