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  1. Yeah, I did. That makes a lot more sense now lol. Should I be looking in the .minecraft folder? If so, all that comes up is a folder called toml, a file called fml.toml, and something else called toml-3.6.0.
  2. Oh alright. I looked for anything with .toml in it and I can't find anything.
  3. I deleted the file called forge.cfg and went back into the game and it still crashed.
  4. I saw a different post that said run Forge with Java 8 so I tried to do that and it still crashes my game.
  5. I found a text file called "Latest Log". Is that what I should be looking for? If so, here it is.
  6. I downloaded Forge and it finally installed but now whenever I go into Minecraft and try to change the version to the Forge one it keeps saying my game has crashed. It won't let me look at the crash report.
  7. Okay. I'm downloading it and I'll let you know if it works or not.
  8. ^ I found a file called installer.log and that's all I could find. Is this it?
  9. I looked for the installer log and I can't find anything. I found the launcher log, though, would that work?
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