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  1. The first few lines of the stacktrace point out its_meow.betteranimalsplus.init.BetterAnimalsPlusRegistrar.registerBlocks. My guess is it's an issue with the BetterAnimalsPlus mod.
  2. "These libraries failed to download. Try again." TLDR: Update Java 8
  3. I found the Twitch Launcher logs complaining about the HTTP 403 forbidden status error, however, the Minecraft Launcher acted differently when trying to recreate the logs and didn't even attempt to download the libraries. Previously, it ran into the same HTTP 403 status error on the same file. Twitch Log: https://pastebin.com/p1RJZ9UW Minecraft Log: https://pastebin.com/hs7wQR7k PS: I've seen SSL failures before using the Minecraft Launcher's built-in Java runtime to manually install forge instead of a system Java installation. I'll post a forge install log if I se
  4. I'm getting this even when bypassing the Twitch launcher and running Minecraft directly. The problem is the Twitch launcher doesn't do a complete install and the Minecraft launcher is blocked from recovering. However, if you download the install manually from here and run it (be sure to point it to the Twitch's install directory in "%USERPROFILE%\Twitch\Minecraft\Install"), it should perform the complete installation and fix the issue.
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