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  1. So this is an issue with Forge, not the individual mod? I finally got a config file to work using Cadiboo's tutorial, and I think I saw somewhere that with those files and instructions I should have access to the config through the mods menu with that button, but mine is also always greyed out like it was before I even made the files. My mod is just changing stuff in the user interface, so ideally the player could adjust the values in game, and then check to see how it looks without having to restart the game every time.
  2. Thanks! I ended up doing this process, and it worked to make a config file. However, I read that this way should also allow you to access the config in the mod menu in-game and I don't have that option. Do you know how to deal with that?
  3. So originally for my mod I was using Forge 1.14, but I keep noticing things are different or missing. Right now I'm trying to make a config GUI, and I look at tutorials but for some reason there are certain classes that I need to use that just aren't in my installation. People say to use the @Config annotation for my configuration, but that class is not in my net.minecraftforge package. My @Mod annotation also only takes the modid, but I was trying to find a way around the config annotation issue and saw that I needed to create a GuiFactory and register it with the @Mod annotation, but my anno
  4. I want to make a config file for my mod so that eventually I can have the user change the mod settings in game, but I'm looking at guides for how to create mod configuration files, and they either mention the Configuration class, or the @Config annotation. I look at example code and see that it imports classes from the net.minecraftforge.common.config package, but I don't seem to have that. Did the classes get renamed or moved somewhere else, or did my installation get messed up?
  5. As is evidenced by my profile and my thread, I am new to Minecraft modding. I understand that I'm probably missing something obvious and how it can probably be frustrating to an experienced modder like yourself, but I too am frustrated. If I wasn't having trouble I wouldn't be creating this thread. I have looked at the code, and that is how I know that I cannot get the client's SubtitleOverlayGUI since it is a protected field and there is no method that gets the overlay. If you could provide an example of what you are saying, I think that would clear up my confusion.
  6. i know what copy means, but I don't know where to copy it. Do you mean copy what SubtitleOverlayGUI does into the onEvent method and register that as an ISoundEventListener?
  7. By "copy what SubtitleOverlayGui does and register an ISoundEventListener," do you mean make a new class that extends SubtitleOverlayGui? Could you explain a bit more or do you have a link to an example or explanation?
  8. So I'm working on a mod that allows users to move the subtitles, and I figured out the events and stuff (for the most part), and understand that I probably have to make a Client Proxy for stuff too. Maybe I'm missing something, but I have some questions about getting the SubtitleOverlay in the event. I don't want to make new subtitles, I just want to change the position. Is there a way for me to get the game's subtitle overlay from the event? This is a snippet of my code: @SubscribeEvent(receiveCanceled = true) public void onEvent(RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre event) { if(event.getTyp
  9. Ah, thank you for clarifying! I keep seeing a file called mcmod.info being referenced, but I only have that mods.toml file. Is there a place that shows all the parameters you can set in the mods.toml, because all I seem to be finding is stuff about mcmod.info, and I only have those example parameters in my mods.toml file.
  10. Sorry for the probably dumb question, this is my first time modding Minecraft. I keep seeing things that say you can put information about your mod in the @Mod annotation like the modID, display name, version number, etc., but when I try to do specify the field for it, it raises an error and says that it's not recognized. Am I doing something wrong? (I'm using forge 1.14 and JDK 10)
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