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  1. Hi guys, I am having problem getting Item decay to work. this is my onupdate function and if i test this the item decays but i "glitches" as if i was hiting with it or something and that looks crap... any hints how i can fix that? Greets
  2. thx that helps alot i know my way around code just didn't find any good exemples this is just right
  3. yeah i have all of that and my custm model works when i place it... just in my inventory its the flat texture what do i need in the method below
  4. yeah i know i goes in there but i cant figure out how... because where do i get my x y z then? this is my code for the custom rendering: now how can i put that into renderinventoryblock? I dont get it :-/
  5. Hi, I made a custom renderer for one block and just can't figure out how to render it in 3d in my inventory... what do i put in there?? Thanks
  6. Hm... maybe you should try running it as Admin if you haven't tried already
  7. Did you change the PATH variable? Because what you wrote doesn't sound like it if you don't know how to: just add the paths to bin folders (example: "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_38\bin") in the PATH Variable and try again
  8. wow thanks as easy as that works like a charm! closed
  9. Hi, I am pretty new to Modding and rendering but have done a lot of Java and coding in the past. I am currently trying to make a pretty simple custom renderer but it doesn't work out quite the way i want it to and i can't really find any good info on how to make costum renderers. this is the code so far: but when i run it ingame only the second block renders and the bottom part is invisible. If you have any good links to tutorials or matching threads i missed plz post them here to enlighten me
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