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  1. Today, I installed the language packs via MagicLauncher, the mod order being 1. Forge and 2. language pack. Now it works. I didn't do that before because MagicLauncher would tell me it didn't find any mods in that zip. Looks like it's wrong. Not sure what exactly is the issue, but now I know a way around it (and so does everyone who has the same problem and finds this topic).
  2. I don't know exactly what you want to know, so sorry if I repeat myself or tell you something you know already. I tried: 1. putting the languages.txt and en_LD.lang into ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/minecraft.jar/lang 2. putting the languages.txt and en_LD.lang into /Applications/Minecraft/lang (Minecraft.app is in /Applications/Minecraft) Both times, I would start Minecraft with MagicLauncher, with an unpatched minecraft.jar and Forge as the only mod selected. I was quite certain that I only copied the two files, but checked again for random mac files (you do mean .DS_Store, right?) - none in there. If you can't reproduce it on another Mac, then it looks like it is somehow my fault. No idea what I've done wrong, though.
  3. Somehow, Forge doesn't work with a custom language file I want to use. The language file I want to use is the Last Days Language pack. You can download it at http://adf.ly/Ei7i1. I'm using MagicLauncher 1.0.0 to install mods etc. Now, I'm putting the language stuff in a folder called "lang" in the same folder as the Minecraft.app is (yes, I'm on mac). OR I'm modding the jar file and put the language files directly in it, the outcome is the same: Without Forge (I'm ONLY using forge for testing, no other mods at all), everything loads fine. Minecraft works and the language file is there. Now, if I activate Forge, Minecraft loads up correctly with forge - but no sign of the language file. If I start without Forge, choose the language file, quit Minecraft and start with Forge, Minecraft crashes after the splash. Here is the short log: Other logs: (I can't upload attachments) full report. Forge log I noticed that the custom .lang-file has different permissions set than the ones that come with minecraft. I tried to change that (via terminal), but still couldn't get it to run.
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