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  1. if i tp from nether to normal world, server had a very big lag -
  2. I have a problem with PEX in build #139. I have this same problem in build #85. Please fix PEX. PEX is only for op(again). When user write cmd /spawn (he have a permissions to that cmd) server write: "You don't have acces to that command"
  3. Please update Player API. When I create a region with flag "entry deny" Player can entry to this region and server write "You don't have permitted to this area". Player can move in this region. And Please port multiverse-core and multiverse-portals. I have a problem with create world and make portals
  4. I have a problem with PEX. Normal users without op can't use assigned permissions. Of pex'a can only use the operator
  5. Some people installing in server PREMIUM xauth or authme becouse is a more safe for normal premium password I use them
  6. I dont know if you know keepcalm but more people want to xauth or authme becouse more people have non premium server so please port xauth or authme in a your BukkitForge
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