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  1. I have a mod project that depends on another project (in another neigbour folder) that was connected via includeBuild() in settings.gradle and adding in dependencies closure in build.gradle. It worked for 1.12.2, but not for 1.14.4. I found only a solution, where you should set timecore%%C:/IJ Projects/MCModding/TimeCore-1.14.4\build\resources\main;timecore%%C:/IJ Projects/MCModding/TimeCore-1.14.4\build\classes\java\main; in Enviroment Variables field, so it should look like here: MOD_CLASSES=lootgames%%C:/IJ Projects/MCModding/LootGames-1.14.4\build\resources\main;lootgames%%C:/IJ Projects/MCModding/LootGames-1.14.4\build\classes\java\main;timecore%%C:/IJ Projects/MCModding/TimeCore-1.14.4\build\resources\main;timecore%%C:/IJ Projects/MCModding/TimeCore-1.14.4\build\classes\java\main;MCP_MAPPINGS=stable_58-1.14.4;MCP_VERSION=20190829.143755;FORGE_VERSION=28.2.1;assetIndex=1.14;assetDirectory=C:\Users\admin.gradle\caches\forge_gradle\assets;nativesDirectory=C:/IJ Projects/MCModding/LootGames-1.14.4\build\natives;FORGE_GROUP=net.minecraftforge;target=fmluserdevclient;MC_VERSION=1.14.4 But that's a manual way, and timecore dependency vanishes after re-generating runs via getIntellijRuns. How can I improve it and make automatically?
  2. Hello! I'am creating a minigame which consists of one master block and many subordinates. So, it forms some kind of rectangle multiblock with master on north-west corner. Subordinate Blocks have dark technical texture, so all stuff like green cells is rendered by Master TESR. It has Global Rendering (and Infinity AABB in its TileEntity) enabled, so it will be also visible, if it is behind the player. But there is some problem. This multiblock is generated by one Activator Block on right-click. It will be generated with center in Activator pos. And when you click Activator, looking at south-east, the Master TESR will render nothing until you look at it at the first time. After this it will be visible forever (ever if you don't look at it). So how to fix this issue with TESR not rendering stuff when it has been set behind the player?
  3. I am not exaclty sure, is there a right place for this (Maybe I need to go to forge bugreports, but it says that that forum is for players only, so I do not know where to place this post and I try to write here...), so... I found the bug(?) while creating mod. I'm using Forge Config Annotation System. And I placed descriptions in lang file. I also splitted them by \n. And as an entry it is shown more or less normal. But when I click on this, and the Array Config is shown to me, it stops to parse \n symbol.
  4. Because I want that player reproduces the sequence without stuff that can hook and remember it.
  5. So I have an a tileentity, that sends some sequence to the client, because it must be showed in the world via TESR. But I don't want someone can access field which contains that sequence, because it will be cheating to know it not by your mind. I looked at FMLSecurityManager, and it doesn't allow to apply custom manager. So is there a way to protect some important data in specific class from reflection and asm?
  6. And what about inner variants as I wrote message above?
  7. But what if I need unique texture for each combination. And the second question is: Can I use combination of variants (like: "variant=east,activated=true" : {} ) and inner variants (like: "variant" : { "east" : { "activated" : { "true" : { .... } } } } ) with forge system?
  8. Eaah, but as you see, I wrote in first two messages that this doesn't work, even without spaces.
  9. I found this example: https://github.com/Choonster-Minecraft-Mods/TestMod3/blob/f939bffae46369516cba420a571591de59cebb43/src/main/resources/assets/testmod3/blockstates/colored_multi_rotatable.json And that's very similar to what I want to do. Instead of uvlock, I will place "model" : "cube_all" But how may I determine all 16 combinations in "variants : {}" and add to each variant its own texture, if my own example above doesn't work?
  10. But this also doesn't work: So what I'm doing wrong? All I need is to set custom texture for each blockstate (total amount of property combination is 16), and I also don't want to write model.json for each combination. So I made that file, as you see above in hope, that it will be better.
  11. So I have a block with two properties: Registry on client side: ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(Item.getItemFromBlock(block), 0, new ModelResourceLocation(block.getRegistryName(), "inventory")); Somehow it produces the errors: Blockstate file:
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