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  1. thank you for explaining it to me! I was able to figure the rest out myself
  2. unfortunately it does not. it has the internet explorer logo on it. and when I open it this is what I see (2nd pic)
  3. so I did not know what windows command prompt was either, so I looked it up and did what they said and typed java-version and I got the first picture, but then I realized I typed it in wrong and retyped it and got the 2nd picture
  4. so I tried redownloading again and the first picture is what I saw and Java shows up in the start menu so I assume it's done
  5. looking back at my first post I definitely should have been more descriptive. so I downloaded Java and tried to download Jarfix and it said that I didn't have Java installed.....
  6. well when you go to Minecraft forge I press the "installer" button for the 1.14.3 version. it saves to my downloads but after that I have tried to open it. it opens with internet explorer and asks me if I want to open it or save it. I have tried doing both but nothing really happens
  7. so by installer do you mean the website that you install from?
  8. my apologies but I am not a very tech-savvy person so I have no idea what an installer log is or how to find it
  9. So recently I bought Minecraft and decided to add some mods. so when I went to install Minecraft forge, it would not work. I try to install it but nothing happens. can someone please help me understand either what I'm doing wrong or what is going wrong with the installation.
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