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  1. Its because the mod author didn't implement block break advents I would go and ask him to put it in using a Fake Player like most other mods!
  2. Thanks, did you just do that after I asked? Or was it always in Also its supposed to work with TnT and wither explosions, idk if you have already done that. Testing now
  3. No problem Anyway good luck with the project! Also I have Towny installed and when a creeper and other things explodes the land is supposed to be repaired. So I was wondering if you could make that happen. But I imagine that it will be hard to get the event of a creeper explosion to get reported to your mod from the vanilla jar. Edit: For now I will use /gamerule mobGriefing false, but I do like the explosion revert thing
  4. Hey thanks for an awesome mod, can't wait to use it on my server. Hope you will get rid of all the bugs so I can open a public server without worrying about it crashing. Also just an idea, have you thought about maybe editing a CraftBukkit jar to allow it to work with Minecraft forge and all forge mods? Becuase I imagine then all plugins will work, but I dont know really. (I'm not a modder) Thanks
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