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  1. I'm trying to render a custom player model instead of the current one and i don't understand how to do so in 1.15. I have searched for hours and still found nothing on how to do this. The most common thing i found was to cancel the RenderPlayerEvent and render my own model. I can cancel the even but i dont know where to start for rendering my own model.
  2. As the title says i'm trying to stop forge from adding my mod to the mod-list that's sent in the server handshake. i need to do this in order to avoid the mod whitelist on the server(the admins told me to do this so i have permission from them). i asked in a modding discord and they said it was probably impossible but thought the forge forums might have some more insight on how i might do this. the mod is a client side mod that adds useful hud elements for the BattleFields server. any help is appreciated
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