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  1. After I log in as "Badrooha", the topbar says "Hello Badróohá". I don't remember clearly, but it's possible that I initially created "Badrooha" and then decided I wanted the accents and created "Badróohá", and that the software somehow conflated the two. (This would also explain the "duplicate entry" error message.) Would it be possible for a mod to delete one of the accounts, please?
  2. Not sure if this is exactly the right place, but I don't see anywhere better. I get an error when trying to view any wiki page while logged in. Clearing cookies logs me out and relieves the symptoms, but when I try to log in again, the error returns. (edit: I can also log out via the forum, to the same effect.) Error text: I think I must have somehow borked the database while registering.
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