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  1. Sweet baby jesus I solved the problem myself. I just downloaded those things that it told me to in the log, as a guess I put them into the libs folder and bam, it worked. Thanks for the help guys. -Thread closed.
  2. Is this it? *** Download http://files.minecraftforge.net/fmllibs/argo-2.25.jar 2013-01-11 12:17:10 [sEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] *** Download http://files.minecraftforge.net/fmllibs/guava-12.0.1.jar 2013-01-11 12:17:10 [sEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] *** Download http://files.minecraftforge.net/fmllibs/asm-all-4.0.jar 2013-01-11 12:17:10 [sEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] *** Download http://files.minecraftforge.net/fmllibs/bcprov-jdk15on-147.jar
  3. Are you telling me to read through the FAQ again or the log I gave?
  4. Hello, I recently tried to download forge, but I keep getting this problem. Whenever I launch minecraft, it starts installing forge, but then stops showing this message: "There was a fatal error starting up minecraft and FML Minecraft cannot run in it's current configuration. Please consult the file .minecraft\ForgeModLoader-client-0.log for further information." So I opened up that file and this is what appeared: Note: -I was definitively using the latest version of Forge. -I was using a clean .minecraft while installing. -I am 99.99% sure I downloaded the mod correctly. Hopefully you awesome geniuses are able to figure out what the problem is, I haven't a notion about coding and all that. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Oh and I did read through the FAQ so hopefully I didn't miss anything.
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