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  1. Alright so in a mod I'm working on, we have custom particle effects that behave similarly to the vanilla ones. With the way they work now, I need a ParticleType<?> and an IParticleFactory<ParticleType<?>>. I'm able to get the ParticleType<?> to register using the Register<ParticleType<?>> event just like everything else, however I can't get the ParticleFactoryRegisterEvent to fire. Am I using the wrong event bus, or is something missing on a Forge end? I've tried doing this without registering anything, and just firing the event with some console output, but that isn't working either. I've also tried subscribing to Bus.FORGE instead of Bus.MOD. Here's the class I'm using, a snippet of the vanilla class, and the crash report I get on load. Registration class Part of the vanilla class where the ParticleFactoryRegisterEvent is called. Crash report
  2. In the block class "CropsBlock" the "isValidGround" method only returns true for vanilla farmland. Could it be changed to work with a block tag for custom farmlands without needing to make special crops to place on a custom farmland?
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