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  1. Okay, I just tried to host a vanilla Minecraft server, the one I had been using before Forge, and it worked. So, I dragged the server.prop file from the working one (also using hamachi IP) to the Forge one, and then ran the Forge one, and the Forge one says "Can't reach server" in the multiplayer server list. So, obviously it IS something wrong with Forge, and not Hamachi. Also, Forge gives off NO errors because of this, but I am using the 1.4.6 version of Secret Rooms Mod with the Forge server, but I don't think that's whats wrong seeing as how Forge doesn't give off errors, and I can't even begin to connect.
  2. Yes, last week I was hosting a vanilla server and this did not happen.
  3. Am I allowed to bump? I didn't see anything about it. If I am, bump. If not, sorry, I didn't know :c
  4. I wouldn't know how to do that, and even if it were a problem (which I don't see how), it would've been a problem before, but like I said, I've hosted other servers successfully before, I only have a problem with Forge.
  5. Yes, I am using the latest version of Forge, the 1.4.7 build that was released on the 9th. Yes everyone trying to connect is using the same version of Forge Universal that is used on the server. I run it using this script in a .bat: Yes, I also have the 1.4.7 minecraft_server.jar I am using hamachi, and therefore a hamachi IP in the server.prop, and it is correct btw. Everything runs fine, no errors, the server starts up perfectly, and the computer I'm using to host it CAN connect to it without any problems, but when it comes to OTHER people trying to connect (yes they are in a group with the host hamachi client), and it just says Can't reach server, they can't even BEGIN to connect. I've reinstalled hamachi on another computer, and on the host computer, but still if I try to connect on the other computer I still get "Can't reach server". I've hosted other hamachi servers, vanilla and bukkit, with no problems. Can anyone help? o;
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