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  1. oh lord man, been a while since I worked on Minecraft. Gave up modding because the source code kept changing too much and yadayada decided to work on my own game. If it's still somewhat the same as when I was working on it, I had to pretty much rewrite the ChunkProvider, and in the provideChunk function you can insert checks on height there. I had a funky biome that would leave large areas of water so I wanted to rename these areas like "Lake" or something, so I inserted a check, if this biome, i'd do checks to see if there was water and if the water checked passed I changed that ar
  2. I hear ya, I been working on learning what everything does in world generation for literally years now and am still learning, but I can possibly lend a hand if you ever need any questions. The real break though for me came when I learned what all the GenLayer classes do and how to use them to customize the entire world gen process. For example if you want biomes to be different sizes and how they connect to each other etc etc. It is pretty fun messing around with it.
  3. I modify size of the biomes in a customized GenLayer, but looks like you got it your way also.
  4. thanks. Taking a look at the Box blur approach. I just have issues comprehending how and where in the code to compare 2 chunks and where it actually splits the chunks where biomes connect in the middle of it I think
  5. so ive kinda become obsessed with learning about noise generation to do some cool things with the terrain but I can't seem to figure out a way to stitch the terrain easily from one biome to the next because im using custom noise functions inside each biome. I kinda see how they do it via the heightmap creator in the chunkprovider where they blend the base heights of the biome but im trying to connect a little more smoothly. Easiest way I can think of just a simple worldgen to check the biome edge and smooth out the terrain a little bit, but was hoping maybe better alternatives. Problem seem
  6. I didnt get too deep into this but if the lights are spawned in the biome decoration they are fine if they are spawned earlier than that they wont update.
  7. i would try first to delete the tintindex option at all from the stone that you dont want colored and make trhe colored part tintindex of 0. if that doesnt work try replacing block/cube_all with block/block
  8. is there any way around this? I'm totally rewriting my mod from scratch to update to the current version. In pre 1.8 I was able to change a few textures based on conditions that didn't need metadata set, like biome, altitude etc...
  9. are those two //'s in your code snippet above in the actual file itself??
  10. ok, I think I get it. Im looking specifically at this bit of code if I have to guess this is taking all mutable blocks around a certain block to get the color of the current block, is that correct?
  11. Can someone explain to me what this does? Ive looked around but have not seen an explanation. Ive seen it a few times but have not needed to use it or have used other methods but am running into it would like to know it is used for. Thanks
  12. Just wanted to say thank you, I used trollworkout's code to get slabs up and running. I tried for few days to get it working on my own so I could at least understand it but I think the ItemSlab was where I couldn't put it all together, so I finally gave in and tried his, and got it working, the itemslab saves the day. Just a few notes though incase someone else comes across this thread, I did have to tinker a little with the code, as the slab was showing up 3 times in the creative tabs as the item, the half and the double slab, and for all intensive purposes you only want the itemslab to sh
  13. thank you for your response, very helpful. I'm wondering if I would be better off almost rewriting the entire mod from scratch in 1.9 instead of trying to patch up the old code. What would you suggest?
  14. So basically I have this fairly large mod that I was working on. Spent countless hours on it, countless hours learning the ins and outs how to make mobs how to do render custom blocks etc the whole works. This is a large mod. Every time an update happens its hours to go through and fix everything. I kept the mod up to date until 1.7 but the upgrade to 1.8 seemed really to knock the wind out of my sails. I have tons of custom rendered blocks on top of everything else like mobs and world gen etc. I wonder if it is worth it to even begin to try and update the mod all the way to 1.9. I
  15. Maybe someone can help me I was looking for more control over the spawning of my custom mobs, for example wanted to make a very very rare mob but it seem the normal way to do it even if you put very low weight on how many mobs spawn its still much more than I want, I was wondering if anyone knows of a code to spawn a single mob like you would a regular block during terrain gen, like how setblock would do it for blocks, is there a way to do with this mobs? Thanks
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