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  1. I'm pretty sure it is the same download as on Windows as it as on Apple computers
  2. i have forge version 1.12.2 - i need to switch to forge version 1.12.2 - because most of the mods i want to use require the latest version of forge 1.12.2, but i cant delete the version i have from the Minecraft Launcher which i need to do in order to download the latest version. it doesn't give me the option to delete the version i have, and i have tried to remove it from the Minecraft launcher files but that doesn't work so i'm resorting to the forums to try to get some help with my situation. If you could help me in any way it would be greatly appreciated
  3. Bryson


    I know but I dont know how to use the minecraft forums could you help me
  4. Bryson


    Will I lose my saves on my game when I sign into Xbox live on Minecraft PE I would like to know
  5. you, people, are useless I have asked everything to try to get myself some help but no I even told you everything about my computer my internet service provider my wifi and then, your just going to give me a spamming warning for trying to get help, this is stupid someone please tell me a website I can go to where they can help me with my issue
  6. i think i have figured out the problem but i dont know how to fix it it says that my dns server might be unavailable for minecraft.net i was wondering how i can fix this?
  7. I can't get on www.minecraft.com it says error name resolution failed and I have waited 8 hours for it to come back up so I can download my Minecraft back because I had to uninstall it to fix a forge version that would delete and now I can't get on the Minecraft website to redownload Minecraft again, please tell me how I can fix this?
  8. I have a windows 10 Acer Aspire XC-703G, my internet service provider is a spectrum, My wifi set up with a plug-in Netgear adapter
  9. why am I able to access all other websites but Minecraft, in particular, I can't access it I'm confused at what's happening here
  10. what is a proxy? and not to be rude but i have been waiting since 1:50 AM today, do you have any recommendations on a type of proxy/VPN to use
  11. I can't get onto www.minecraft.net it says this site can't be loaded and at the bottom, it says error name resolution failed, how can I fix this?
  12. why am i able to delete the 1.14.4 forge but I can't delete the 1.12.2 forge?
  13. I would like to delete since it isnt letting me download other one
  14. i have accidentally downloaded forge 1.12.2 .... and i realized I needed the other when I went to delete the one there wasn't a delete button so i delete the folder for it in the versions folder and it still hasn't been removed please tell me how to get rid of it
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