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    I'm relatively new to Minecraft Modding and Java, so tell me everything you want about my code with explanations, so I can improve my modding and programmer skills.

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  1. The fact is that in 1.12.2, my item changed colour of some parts depending on what the player was doing. Now I'm going to try the ISTER. Thanks!
  2. I have a Java item model and I want to use it. In 1.12.2 I used the iChunUtil mod, but in 1.14.4 I don't know what to use. Since iChunUtil is open source, I saw the code and it used those methods you've seen up there. Is there a vanilla replacement?
  3. I'm updating my mod to 1.14.4 and in 1.12.2 I used Minecraft.getInstance().getFramebuffer().isStencilEnabled() and Minecraft.getInstance().getFramebuffer().enableStencil() , but I don't find them in 1.14.4 version and these two methods weren't used in vanilla in 1.12.2. Were they removed?
  4. Ok so, I have seen how the forceChunk method works, as you said it uses a similar ticket system and it uses TicketTypes, so you can know what forced the chunk to load. The problem may be that I used the ForgeChunkManager to make a special projectile entity load chunks, but I don't know where to start, since I should do something in the EntityEvent.EnteringChunk , but I don't know what to do.
  5. Sorry for the late response. I knew about the forceload command, but I didn't find that method. I'll try it when I'll be back to my pc (~10 hours).
  6. Hi! I was searching for the same thing and I came across this topic. Did you find the answer? And do I have to make my own topic or I can ask here?
  7. I've done this: in my 1.12.2 workspace I searched every place where "setFull3D" was called; it was called by BONE, STICK, and BLAZE_ROD in the item class, in which they were registered. in my 1.14.4 workspace I searched for BONE, STICK and BLAZE_ROD Fields, and I saw that they weren't using setFull3D or anything else, just "group" for the itemGroup. Then I asked here.
  8. After 1.14.4 became the LTS, I had to update my 1.12.2 mod to 1.14.4. I was updating my items and I had a special item that called "setFull3D" method. I searched it in the Item class, but it got removed, just like "shouldRotateAroundWhenRendering". I've seen that BONE, BLAZE ROD and STICK used "setFull3D" method in 1.12.2, but there is nothing in the new version. Can someone help?
  9. Oops. I totally confused facing.offset with BlockPos.offset Excuse my misunderstanding. I'll try this method when I'll go back to my pc. EDIT: @Draco18s, I don't find facing.offset property.
  10. But as you said, I can't use offset, because the other "HALF" of the block won't be above or below. And btw I already have those two properties.
  11. I really don't know how to do this. I've been thinking of how to do this (didn't code anything, since I didn't know what to write), but I had only an idea. Using another HOR_FACING property, but: 1) This HOR_FACING property should be null when the normal "FACING" property isn't DOWN or UP; 2) I think making another property just to check for a part of the block is completely useless. So this is what I have right now...nothing. Any kind of help would be appreciated. I'm going to bed now.
  12. I didn't think about it. Thanks for explaining! Actually, this entire piece of code was copied and pasted from BlockDoor.class . And it works. Ikr? This is why I asked help on the forum. I was going crazy. Anyways, I've updated the repo: https://github.com/LorenzoPapi/Test-1.12.2 Some help would be amazing.
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