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  1. No, I never got any error, but the console did say that properties were not being found for my mod, and being replaced with defaults, more evidence that the mcmod.info was not being recognized. I thought I had in fact selected the 'main' module:
  2. UPDATE: I took the example project, ran the terminal-free intellij setup, and ran it with the minecraft client option, and it also did not recognize its mcmod.info file. Is it not supposed to, or have I done something wrong elsewhere? UPDATE 2: It appears to work when I run the gradle task runClient in the foregradle group, but NOT when I run the run configuration forge/intellij created, MinecraftClient. To clarify, the only thing that ever didn't work was the mcmod.info loading. UPDATE 3: It was just explained to me that you are in fact supposed to use the runClient gradle task, and
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