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  1. In a project I'm working on I'm trying to replace some data and assets from another mod. The data (recipe) replacement worked just fine but the assets seem to not take effect. I know replacing stuff from other mods is frowned upon but this is a small private project so don't worry about compatibility.
  2. Where would I find that?
  3. I know this is probably pretty simple but how do I get a block to drop xp? I'm making a duplicate nether quartz ore and want the same xp dropping properties to be added to it
  4. So the block is a beehive block and has 5 honey value levels, but bees wont fly into it. Is that a seperate tag?
  5. I'm using the same blockstate as the vanilla quartz pillar. I copied and pasted on purpose to make sure nothing should have gone wrong.
  6. https://gist.github.com/Umpaz/190cb29ec7bd3d624e156072bafb0410. Sorry about that
  7. I changed it for the model and blockstate. Still shows up textureless.
  8. I'm trying to add Rose Quartz to the game. When I do the pillar the block shows up in game but with no textures. This is what I have in BlockInit @SubscribeEvent public static void registerBlocks(final RegistryEvent.Register<Block> event) { event.getRegistry().register(new Block(Properties.from(Blocks.QUARTZ_PILLAR)).setRegistryName("rose_quartz_pillar_block")); } My Blockstate { "variants": { "axis=y": { "model": "block/rose_quartz_pillar_block" }, "axis=z": { "model": "block/rose_quartz_pillar_block", "x": 90 }, "axis=x": { "model": "block/rose_quartz_pillar_block", "x": 90, "y": 90 }, } } And my model { "parent": "block/cube_column", "textures": { "end": "block/rose_quartz_pillar_top", "side": "block/rose_quartz_pillar" } } Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  9. I'm trying to create a custom beehive but I'm new to coding. Is there just a class I need to invoke, or is it a by block basis?
  10. I'm trying to learn more about coding and to get some bases down I downloaded some mods from curseforge. When I try to load them into eclipse and view anything but assets it gives me the error source not found. Is there some kind of decompile I have to do to view the code?
  11. I'm looking to make a new material color folder so I can have a ceartin color show up on maps for my new blocks.
  12. I installed forge mdk and I can't seem to find minecrafts vanilla folders. I am looking for the properties like hardness and blast resistance of certain blocks.
  13. Anything wrong with this code? { "type": "miencraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ "AAA", "AAA", "AAA" ], "key": { "A": { "item": "betterbasicsgemstones:amethyst"} }, "result": { "item": "betterbasicsgemstones:amethyst_block"} }
  14. Is there a list of the updated resistances?
  15. On the minecraft wiki the value for resistance is shown as 30. I'm wondering how that translates over to 6.
  16. Also what does the f mean? I'm new to coding and I'm wondering why should I put the f after the values? And why 6? On the wiki it says it's 30.
  17. I'm currently trying to make a block with the same hardness and resistance as a block of emerald. I am using hardnessAndResistance(5f, 10f) and the hardness works but it seems to be more blast resistant than an emerald block in testing.
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