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  1. So each of my tools implements IHasModels (as that's what the tutorial I was watching, showed me to do) and to fix the errors I have to add the @Override to each class that implements IHasModel. would I just put the file path in the ArmorBase.java?
  2. it is not working when I put the method into IHasModels (which it tells me to do when I try to put it into ArmorBase.java) it tells me that everything that implements IHasModels now "must implement the inherited abstract method IHasModel.getArmorTexture()" IHasModel.java ArmorBase.java
  3. Sorry, I did type it as getArmorTexture, and I went back and double checked. I guess I'm just doing it wrong
  4. Everything works fine in game (the armour item textures work fine as well) it's just the textures for when you're wearing the armour
  5. When I try to override it I get "The method getArmorTexture() of type ArmorBase must override or implement a supertype method" and my options are to remove the override annotation or create getArmourTexture in super type IHasModel, when I do this is gives me a bunch of errors
  6. Where would I put this? In my ArmorBase,java? Sorry completely new to this
  7. This is my first time programming anything and first time modding in Minecraft (as a warning). I've been following a beginners tutorial in order to learn the basics (adding blocks, tools, armour, etc.) and everything has worked perfectly. Except for my armour layer models. I took them out of the base game files and only changed the colour, and even just renamed the base ones without any other changes to test it, but still just a black and purple man when the armour goes on. Since I'm a noob I don't really know what files to upload, so if I'm missing anything please let me know and I'll get it up as soon as possible. ArmorBase.java ModItems.java
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