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  1. Thanks for this, but I understand what block states do. I was just wondering if I was the one in control of the metadata (of my custom blocks) by using those two functions, or if the minecraft assigned their own metadata to my blocks when I set block states.
  2. And on a related note, is there a function I can call to get the current metadata for a block? (eg. the 4 bit integer)
  3. I am just trying to wrap my head around the concept, and am trying to determine if I have the correct logic about meta data, specifically about the functions getMetaFromState and getStateFromMeta. ... am I the one who sets the metadata values in getMetaFromState, or do they exist elsewhere before I set them there. And if I set them there, will that be what gets passed to getStateFromMeta? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I've been searching the forums and docs and have yet to make the logical leap.
  4. Just a quick note for those that end up looking here for answers. The UseHoeEvent event will work, however, I ended up using the onInteract event so that I could capture both the hoe (grass to farmland) and the shovel (grass to path) interactions. His answer put me on the correct path.
  5. I managed to create custom spreading grass that appears to do everything regular grass does (spreading, snowy variant, drops dirt when broken, turns to dirt when blocked) One thing I can't wrap my head around is how to enable clicking with a hoe converts it to farmland. After looking at the source code for the hoe item I can see that it, and not the grass block source code, contains the code to do the conversion. Anyone have any recommendations on how I might be able to implement it in my custom grass class? I tried 'onBlockActivated' but it doesn't appear to get called when I right click block (have a System.out.println("Click"); string as only code in method.
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