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  1. thats kinda freaky. changed the BiomeBaseID in core.cfg to 250 now. well see if thats the isse. Will check it a while again And thx again ofc. Edit: The issue still exists. It almost always seems to happen when server resumes from hibernation, but also randomly sometimes on run. I updated the log files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1V3RjnaRpUUXaXc65vjpLSKw7tmfC7A2z?usp=sharing
  2. uff y i wanted to update them now, i found this: it seems to be the reason i think. [05:01:17] [Server thread/ERROR] [Galacticraft]: POTENTIAL BIOME ID CONFLICT for id 147 conflicting with Galacticraft [05:01:17] [Server thread/ERROR] [Galacticraft]: PLEASE CHECK CONFIGS FOR BOTH MODS: see Galacticraft core.conf setting BiomeIDBase [05:01:17] [Server thread/INFO] [STDERR]: [java.lang.Thread:dumpStack:1336]: java.lang.Exception: Stack trace [05:01:17] [Server thread/INFO] [STDERR]: [java.lang.Thread:dumpStack:1336]: at java.lang.Thread.dumpStack(Thread.java:1336) [05:01:17] [Server
  3. hi, i checked that a while now, it still freezes sometimes
  4. disabled it now. Will take a look onto and tell you then if it resolved the problem or not. Thx much.
  5. i try to but the site wont let me add the debug log (70.5mb) and zipped also wont work. it says error -200. file is also to large for pastebin. edit: do you mind if i add it to gdrive? ( https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1V3RjnaRpUUXaXc65vjpLSKw7tmfC7A2z?usp=sharing ) Server Stopping ad end of debug log is cause i killed screen session (ctrl+c)
  6. like i already wrote, there is nothing in the log. its liek the server worked normal. When it stops (freeze) also no log things appear, cause it doesnt write any log. But i added it anyway. it happened at the end of the log ofc.
  7. Greetings, i have a little Problem and dunno how to solve it. Iam Hosting a small modded Minecraftserver for me and some friends. Now the Server seems to randomly freeze. Every Player is timing out, server itself dont seems to crash. There are also no log entrys and no crash logs. When i open the screen session, the server looks fine but when i enter something like save-all, no response. All i can do then is to force it stop and restart it. That drives me a bit crazy I hope someone can help me to figure out whats the problem. Versions Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
  8. Ah, ofc not hehe iam sorry. got it now. thx very much for that hint.
  9. Greetings, iam new to minecraft modding and java itself ofc, but iam trying to create an own mod. All what the mod does, is adding some new items, we missed on our new 1.12.2 created server. Like additional vines. I followed the tutorials by "Harry Talks" on youtube. So i was able to create with an Registrry Handler an own Basic Mod with some Blocks we use. Now i want an simple Vine, that can be placed on a wall. it needs to grow downwards until it hits a block bellow. Also it should be phantom so every Mob / Player simply can walk trough. Now i have absolut
  10. Greetings, ive installed AE2 on my Forge Based server. Now i encountered an issue. When i take an fresh clean crafted Memorycard and sneak + rightclick onto an p2p ME tunnel it says Saved to memory card but same time it says memory card cleared. if i just rightclick it says invalid machine. Means iam not able to link 2 p2p ME together. Iam not wearing anything in offhand or something. The Guys from AE2 told, that it might be a Vanilla/Forge bug. Can you confirm that or is that fixable? Cause the mod is unusable for e with that error and no work arround. Edit1: Problöem ju
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