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  1. Cariboo, I followed said tutorial but I was expecting the source files for forge to generate. Not to sound rude, especially since your no cubes mod is brilliant, but that is kinda the point of this post. I ran both the runs files and the errors should have gone away, but they didn't. I was originally making my mod in 1.8.9, but hit a roadblock, and then no one here would help me because a lot of people here appear to be elitists. The best way I saw to remedy that is to make the mod in 1.14.4 and figure out what goes where working backward, but I can't seem to get the source files to appear in my mod and it won't run due to the errors. I have started looking for a pre-setup mod folder, but I can't find any. If you could provide one that could save a lot of pain and troubleshooting for a lot of modders. Ugdhar, I read through the log and it said that the build was successful, in fact, it looked exactly like it did on Cadiboos how to. The problem is that when I ran the .bat, it didn't make anything show up, when I ran it through eclipse it didn't make anything show up, and when I tried to look for a premade mod folder apparently no one provides those.
  2. Hi there. I'm new to the 1.14 workspace setup process, and it's turning out harder than expected to do. I'm to set up the workspace for eclipse so I can begin to make my mod but I can't seem to get it to download the resources for minecraft. Is there a different process for setting up now, or am I doing something wrong. I used gradlew genEclipseRuns as well as gradlew eclipse and nothing is getting the dependencies needed.
  3. I'm currently trying to change the crafting recipe for glistening melons from nuggets to ingots, and the only way I found was to remove the original recipe and add my own. But, I can't figure out what Id in the recipe list to remove as I can't figure out how to see all the indices. My current code is: CraftingManager.getInstance.getRecipeList().remove(/*this is what I need help with*/);
  4. MCRM


    Does that apply to 1.8.9?
  5. I'm trying to make a crafting recipe for an enchanted book that has an enchantment already applied like sharpness or something. But when I do .addEnchantment(Enchantment.sharpness, 1) to the item that I'm crafting then all it does is apply it like it's a sword or something, thus making it where I can't use it as an enchanting book, but as a weapon. any help? public static void registerCraftingRecipes() { ItemStack sharp1 = new ItemStack(Items.enchanted_book); sharp1.addEnchantment(Enchantment.sharpness, 1); GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(Items.enchanted_book), new Object[] {"F ", " PP", " PI", 'F',Items.flint,'P',Items.paper,'I',Items.iron_sword}); } This gives me the incorrect output.
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