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  1. We have a beta for 1.3.2 going now, I advise checking the main thread (as I won't be updating this too often) but still. Always looking for more testers =P
  2. This mod will work really well with mine, Metallurgy. I love the idea of it.
  3. This would be a God-send. I've been trying to find out ways to do this myself without base edits lol
  4. Effectively the custom trading recipes will cover that if it supports both sides of the trade. It just allows modders to modify trading and not just run on Mojang's terms.
  5. Because Emeralds shouldn't be the only cost, some mods (like mine) have coins we'd like to be able to use, as well as traditional bartering systems (Bread for Chicken, etc.).
  6. What if Mod B uses the value it has to measure something else entirely, and you have EE installed and it consumes the item for that much EMC? It creates so many issues. The Villager trading hooks should allow us to simply declare "recipes" for villager trading that can randomly occur such as.. (and maybe with a "weight" for occurrence chance) .AddTrade(<Item1 as Item>, <Item1 Amount>, <Item2 as Item>, <Item2 Amount>) .AddTrade(Bread, 1, oreGold 1)
  7. [Represent] =================================================== METALLURGY 2 =================================================== Talk to me: Follow me on Twitter (Direct link, and I will answer questions on here, see my progress as it happens) http://www.twitter.com/shadowclaimer Chat in the Metallurgy IRC Channel (Chat with me and other fans of Metallurgy, lots of good discussion/ideas/future plans leaked in here!) Server: irc.esper.net Channel: #Metallurgy You can connect to it easily (without installing anything) by going to http://www.esper.net/publicirc.php and putting in #Metallurgy! Reddit Thread Help keep us on the frontpage of the internet! =================================================== [Anchor=News]NEWS[/anchor] =================================================== Progress Report - "Metallurgy 2 Beta" - 8/24/12 =================================================== [Anchor=Feedback]Staff[/anchor] =================================================== Metallurgy Staff Author/Director/Artist - Shadowclaimer Producer/Programmer - RebelKeithy Special Thanks Assistance/Advisor - mDiyo Wiki Editors - Ric_Br, Assassin2134, Waveshaper, kuroiXiru =================================================== [Anchor=Feedback]Information[/anchor] =================================================== Metallurgy 2 is a vast enhancement to the basic mining system, adding well over 48+ new metals (based on which submods you use). Our goal is to create a balanced atmosphere for players to explore and enjoy mining. Metallurgy 2 is also modular, configurable, and entirely tailoring for the player's experience. You can find the configs in your .minecraft folder under Config/Metallurgy/(Metal Set) As part of Metallurgy's addons, normal ores are put onto our spawn system of no height restrictions, we felt this created a more fun, exploratory system for mining. If you want to change Vanilla metals back to their old values, simply crack the Core config and under ores disable all of the listed ores (should all be vanilla names) which will reset anything we change about them. Base Metals Adds Copper, Tin, Bronze, Hepatizon, Angmallen, Damascus Steel, Manganese, and Steel. These are supplements ranging between Stone and Diamond with Steel being Diamond Equivalent but less durability. Installing Base Metals also gives you access to new metal Furnaces and Crushers (see below). Precious Metals Adds Zinc, Brass, Silver, Electrum, and Platinum. These metals create high enchantability, low durability tools, they can also be mixed with some other metals in other sets to create potent new metals. Precious Metals can also be turned into "Met" at a Mint, Met being a coin-like currency that's tradeable with Villagers. Nether Metals Adds Ignatius, Shadow Iron, Lemurite, Shadow Steel, Midasium, Vyroxeres, Ceruclase, Adluorite, Inolashite, Kalendrite, Amordrine, Vulcanite, and Sanguinite to the Nether. These metals vary in strength from midrange overworld metals to post-Diamond and are only obtainable in the Nether. Some Nether metals come with alternate uses (Ignatius/Vulcanite can be used for fuel for example). Nether Metals also comes with a new furnace called a Smelter that's powered specifically by lava. Fantasy Metals Adds Prometheum, Deep Iron, Infusolium, Black Steel, Oureclase, Aredrite, Astral Silver, Carmot, Mithril, Rubracium, Quicksilver, Haderoth, Orichalcum, Celenegil, Adamantine, Atlarus, and Tartarite. Fantasy metals spawn in the overworld and come in a very large variety, covering Stone through high end Nether in strength. They have higher enchantability by default, but are much rarer than their overworld counterparts. Fantasy Metals also comes with the Abstracter, allowing you to transmute old metals into Experience Orbs. Ender Metals Adds Eximite, Meutoite, and Desichalkos. Eximite is a high tier metal found throughout the Ender and can make weapons/armor/tools near Steel in strength. Meutoite is a Catalyst found throughout the Ender when mixed with Eximite creates Desichalkos, a strong and powerful alloy. Utility Ores Adds Phosphorite, Sulfur, Saltpeter, Magnesium, Potash, and Bitumen to the overworld. These ores drop straight items that are used to craft Fertilizer (Bonemeal replacement), Gunpowder, or Tar (Stickyball replacement). See below for recipes. ====== To enhance mining, each Metallurgy metal set comes with a special "machine" that can be upgraded through the tiers that provides new functionality. Crusher (Core) The Crusher is included with all Metallurgy installs, it is crated by placing 4 cobblestone in the corners, 4 sticks in the straights, and a Stone Furnace in the middle. The Crusher uses coal and other basic fuels to turn raw Ore into Dust, increasing your output and allowing you to mix dusts to create alloys. Note: If you have Base Metals installed, you have access to a Copper, Bronze, Iron, and Steel Crusher, each crafted using the previous tier and 8 bars around it. They are faster and more fuel efficient. Metal Furnaces (Base) Metal Furnaces come with every install of Base Metals, they are created from Copper, Bronze, Iron, and Steel Bars surrounding the previous tier of Furnace (starting with Stone). Each one is faster and more fuel efficient. Precious Metal Chests (Precious) Precious Metals adds Precious Metal Chests to the game, crafted from Brass, Silver, Gold, Electrum, and Platinum, these chests have a much higher storage capacity than their basic wooden counterpart! They are crafted from the previous tier chest (starting at wood) and 8 of the next tier of bar.[/b] Smelters (Nether) Nether Metals adds Smelters, these special furnaces are crafted using 8 metal bars in addition to the previous tier of Smelter (starting at Stone Furnace). These Smelters store lava, simply right click with a bucket on lava on them to dump it in them, they then use this lava storage tank to smelt your metals at a very fast rate. Each tier of Smelter gets faster and a larger storage tank. Abstracters (Fantasy) Abstracters are fancy devices that come with Fantasy Metals and are made from Promtheum, Deep Iron, Black Steel, Oureclase, Aredrite, Mithril, Haderoth, Orichalcum, Adamantine, Atlarus, or Tartarite.. They are powered by Prometheum Dust, Astral Silver Dust, or Carmot Dust respectively. Input a metal bar in the top of any type, and the proper dust in the bottom, and it'll transmute the bar into raw experience for the user. Each tier of Abstracter increases the amount of exp given (applying a bonus), as well as speeding it up and making it more fuel efficient. You can craft an Abstracter with the previous tier and 8 metal bars (starting with a Stone Furnace). ====== The Grand Minability Chart ====== Alloying Guide You alloy two metals by mixing the respective dusts in a crafting bench or your own inventory. Most alloys carry on characteristics of their base components with a small bonus (usually in mining level, allowing access to higher tiers and allowing you to "skip" tiers) Base Metals Copper + Tin = Bronze Bronze + Gold = Hepatizon Iron + Gold = Angmallen Iron + Bronze = Damascus Steel Iron + Manganese = Steel Precious Metals Copper + Zinc = Brass (Requires Base) Gold + Silver = Electrum Nether Metals Shadow Iron + Lemurite = Shadow Steel (2.0.3b: Shadow Iron + 2x Ignatius) Ceruclase + Adluorite = Inolashite (2.0.3b: Vyroxeres + Ceruclase = Inolashite) Kalendrite + Platinum = Amordrine (Requires Precious) Fantasy Metals Deep Iron + Infuscolium = Black Steel Mithril + Silver = Quicksilver (Requires Precious) Mithril + Infuscolium = Haderoth Orichalcium + Platinum = Celenegil (Requires Precious) Adamantine + Atlarus = Tartarite ====== Extra Recipes Base Metals Any Base Metal in a Rail, Bucket, or Shears recipe will produce a basic version of said item. For Rails you get more/less rails based on the metal used. Utility Ores Phosphorite (Workbench) = Phosphorus Phosphorus + Potash + Magnesium = Fertilizer x4 Charcoal + Sulfur + Saltpeter = Gunpowder x4 Bitumen (+Furnace) = Tar Tar + Blaze Powder = Magma Cream Tar + Piston = Sticky Piston Nether Metals Vulcanite Bar x2 = Blaze Rod Midasium Dust + Any Dust = Gold Dust =================================================== [Anchor=Feedback]Downloads[/anchor] =================================================== Bug Tracker: http://www.ladadeda.info/mantisbt/ Metallurgy 2 Beta Downloads If you are updating from a previous Metallurgy install, delete your configs! Requires Forge 239+ (Direct link to Forge's download on their adfly, not ours) Metallurgy Core (Required) Metallurgy Base Metals Metallurgy Precious Metals 2.0.4b Metallurgy Nether Metals 2.0.4b Metallurgy Fantasy Metals 2.0.4b Metallurgy Ender Metals 2.0.4b Metallurgy Utility Ores 2.0.4b If you encounter bugs, please note the following before reporting: -Try installing a clean install entirely. -Try manually installing instead of automatic, MCPatcher is having known issues for example with Forge right now, and the others are prone to bugs sometimes. -Make sure you're getting the latest Forge (.239 or higher) and not 200, we provide a link straight to it in our thread. -Other mods can cause conflicts, Optifine is known to cause messups in a variety of mods. So try installing it without other mods first THEN see what happens. Installation -Install Forge by extracting it into your Minecraft.jar and deleting META-INF -Run Minecraft, get to title screen, exit. -Put Metallurgy Core into your mods folder. (DONT EXTRACT!) -Put any Metal Sets you want into your mods folder. (DONT EXTRACT!) -Run Minecraft, enjoy. Painterly Textures by Archdeco =================================================== [Anchor=Feedback]Screenshots[/anchor] =================================================== Courtesy Luke616 =================================================== [Anchor=Feedback]Banners[/anchor] =================================================== Copy paste this into your signature. [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/744918-100ssp-metallurgy-a-minecraft-expansion-v110bupdated-112711/] [center][b][color=Black]Metallurgy: Putting the "Mine" back in Minecraft.[/b][/center] [/color] [center][img=http://i.imgur.com/cRF9r.png][/center] [/url] =================================================== [Anchor=Feedback]Compatibility[/anchor] =================================================== Here is a list of mods with known issues or known compatibility with Metallurgy. -Buildcraft (As of 2.0.3b pipes may not be working with the mod's machines, Quarries will mine my ores just fine and such however) -Any Forge mod (As of 2.0.3b the Ore Dictionary recipes will work from my mod to another, so you can use my copper in IC2 recipes, but not vice versa. So make sure to disable other Forge mod's worldgen stuff that happens to share with my mod) -Twilight Forest (Metallurgy ores will spawn in Twilight Forest) =================================================== [Anchor=Feedback]Feedback[/anchor] =================================================== Any feedback is greatly appreciated, whether it be new types of ore, problems with current ore/artwork/balance, comments, criticism, professings of love and eternal adoration. You're welcome to them I'll address them all where I can. Also Bug Reports are VITAL to this mod thriving, if you run into ANY issues, please report them! =================================================== [Anchor=Donation]Donation[/anchor] =================================================== https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donateCC_LG.gif[/img] Please consider taking a moment to drop $1 or more into my Paypal, I've spent a lot of my personal time on this modification and although I don't expect monetary gain from it. It's really nice, and provides me with a driving force to work harder. So please consider donating, every dollar helps. =================================================== [Anchor=Rights of Use]Rights of Use[/anchor] =================================================== Metallurgy's art and code assets may be mine, but being the user you're granted plenty of rights towards the mod. You may (Without my permission, I encourage all of these actually) -Make Videos -Take Screenshots -Discuss Metallurgy by name wherever -Host servers -Create Texturepacks for Metallurgy -Put Metallurgy in Modpacks as long as you link back to this thread and give credit You may not -Use my art for other things -Decompile my code -Repost my mod under an adfly link
  8. That was my thought on the matter as well. The reason I ask is that my primary mod (Metallurgy) has custom coins and such, and I was wanting to see about implementing new trades in the system and I was curious how Mojang implemented it (IE: how the code was laid out).
  9. So I haven't had a chance to peek in on the code yet, but I'm curious. How did Mojang handle this and how editable is it? Is it ridiculously hardcoded or can we change up the currencies or implement new trades without much hassle? And does Forge have any plans for hooks related to it?
  10. Yea its less-so "mods will be multiplayer" and moreso "mods HAVE to be multiplayer". So SSP mods will have to make themselves SMP.
  11. Thanks guys for the support! Most of my efforts will be concentrated on Metallurgy honestly when 1.3 hits, and in actuality I may merge Aquaculture over into it eventually (its a possibility). For now however they'll stay separate =P Gold/Diamond/Neptunium Rods are coming eventually, I'm just toying with some bits for checking carried items and such to change the loot rolls.
  12. This post is a direct copy from the official Minecraft forums post found here. Aquaculture News Introduction Welcome to Aquaculture! An expansion of Minecraft's fishing system. For those that know me, you know I'm the creator of Metallurgy, another expansion mod that greatly enhanced the mining system in Minecraft. Well Aquaculture is my attempt to do the same for the bland fishing system. In Aquaculture you never know what you'll catch. Every biome is home to tons of unique fish you can only catch in that biome, and there's a myriad of new loot items you can randomly catch while fishing. All of this is made possible by simply crafting the Iron Fishing Rod. The Iron Fishing Rod This new shiny addition is a gateway to your journey into Aquaculture! Simply crafting it will enable all the features of the mod. By using a new fishing rod, I was able to avoid making base class edits ot the game which would severely harm any compatibility with other mods as well as ceaselessly complicating multiplayer/updates. There are plans for new and better fishing rods that will increase your chances to get cooler loot while fishing (Gold, Diamond, and Neptunium are all planned!) The Fishables Ah yes the part you've all been waiting for, Aquaculture's 32+ new fish and 12+ fishable loot items! For the mostpart Aquaculture sticks to realism, the new fish are (mostly) real species that have been translated into Minecraft. (Red colored fish are not yet implemented but are planned) Freshwater (Forest, Plains, Extreme Hills) - Bluegill - Bass - Perch - Brown Trout - Catfish - Carp - Muskellunge -Walleye -Carp -Sturgeon Arid (Desert) -Capitaine (Nile Perch) -Boulti (Nile Tilapia) -Bagrid -Synodontis Arctic (Tundra, Taiga) - Cod -Pollock -Herring -Halibut -Pink Salmon - Rainbow Trout -Blackfish Saltwater (Beach, Ocean) - Salmon - Tuna - Red Grouper - Swordfish - Shark - Whale -Squid -Jellyfish -Blowfish -Red Snapper -Mackerel -Bonito -Flounder -Tarpon -Manta Ray Tropical (Jungle) [Coming soon!] -Arapaima -Pirahna -Tambaqui -Electric Eel -Dart Frog -Arrau Turtle Mushroom (Mushroom Island) - Red Shrooma - Brown Shrooma Random Loot! (Found everywhere!) -Seaweed/Algae [Edible!] -Stick -Driftwood [Crafts into Planks!] -Leather Boots -Tin Can -Bone -Message in a Bottle [Right click to reveal a message!] -Box -Lockbox -Treasure Chest [These three all contain random loot!] -Goldfish [Crafts into Gold Nuggets!] -Neptunium Bar [2-3x stronger than Diamond!] Note: If you are using a mod that adds new biomes or are fishing in a biome that doesn't have specific fish, it will default to Freshwater Fish, meaning technically this mod is compatible with any other Biome adding mod there is! Recipes Driftwood + Workbench = 4 Planks 2 Iron + Stick + 2 String + Workbench = Iron Fishing Rod (Any Fish) + Workbench = Raw Fish Fillet Raw Fish Fillet + Furnace = Cooked Fish Fillet (Restores 2.5 marks of Hunger) Squid + Workbench = Ink Sac Whale + Workbench = 5x Whale Steaks Whale Steak + Furnace = Cooked Whale Steaks Goldfish + Workbench = Gold Nugget Screenshots Videos [media] [/media] Mod review of 1.0 by: ChazOfftopic More videos! Downloads 1.1.2 SSP Client Download: http://adf.ly/9oQd0 Requires: Modloader, Forge Steps: -Extract the contents of the latest Modloader version into your Minecraft.jar (Found in C:/Users/<Username>/AppData/Roaming/.Minecraft/Jars) -Extract the contents of the SSP Forge Client into your Minecraft.jar -Open the Minecraft.jar and remove the META-INF folder -Run Minecraft -Close Minecraft -Put the Aquaculture 1.# Client.zip into your Mods folder (DO NOT EXTRACT!) 1.1.2 SMP Server Download: http://adf.ly/9oQfz Requires: Modloader, Forge -Extract the contents of the latest Modloader version into your Minecraft_Server.jar -Extract the contents of the SSP Forge Client into your Minecraft.jar -Run server.bat -Type stop and hit enter -Put the Aquaculture 1.# Server.zip into your Mods folder (DO NOT EXTRACT!) Banner [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1285120-125-ssp-aquaculture-10/][img=http://i.imgur.com/kMf2P.png][/url] Future -More fish types (of course) Known Bugs -The Fishing Line doesn't always show up -The Fishing Rod is inverted oddly -In SMP the fishing rod sometimes "bounces" when you cast, making the noise of a fish biting, just ignore the first few. Donations Please consider taking a moment to drop $1 or more into my Paypal, I've spent a lot of my personal time on this modification and although I don't expect monetary gain from it. It's really nice, and provides me with a driving force to work harder. So please consider donating, every dollar helps. Feedback Please click the little Up Arrow in the bottom right corner if you like the idea of the mod, even if you don't play it. It helps the mod get ranked accordingly in interest and helps gauge its future. Come visit us in my IRC channel! I'm in there posting work in progress and chatting all day! Server: irc.esper.net Channel: #Metallurgy Rights of Use You as the user have my permission to do the following with this mod without asking my permission. -You may create videos or take screenshots and post them anywhere you please, I just ask that you note what the mod is and let people know where to get it (I actually heavily heavily encourage this!) -You may play the mod or share it with your friends, once again, just let them know what mod it is and where they can get it/give feedback. -You may add it to a modpack as long as the modpack gives proper credit and links back to this page. You as the user, may NOT do the following with the mod. -You cannot redistribute this mod without asking for my permission! Do not post it on other websites without asking me directly. -You cannot decompile my code or reuse my artwork for other mods, special circumstances may be granted if you talk to me. If you made it to the bottom of this post and read it all properly, then you're insane and should be ingame fishing. So scroll up, download, and play the mod!
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