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  1. Does no one know whats wrong? I really want to configure my mods but am unable to.
  2. They do. Ive seen them use it themselves in their mod videos. I have 37 mods currently and many of their creators tell you that they can be configured in minecraft forge, yet, none for me. Not a single mod can be configured in forge like they should be able to. Here is a perfect example, They just updated their mod today and posted a video showing them using the forge config button: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/v-tweaks
  3. So no matter what I do, or whatever mod I select, the config button is always greyed out so i cant config any mod. Ive seen videos for the mods I have where people are going into the config using the config button. Why am I unable to do so? Why doesnt my config button work? What am I missing? Or is this is a bug?
  4. I already have it. Exact same mods are on each computer.
  5. I have 3 computers that I have been playing through LAN with no mods. I recently added minecraft forge on 2 of them with a couple mods. Now they cannot connect through LAN. Does forge not work on LAN? Do all 3 computers have to have forge to connect? The 2 I have forge and the same mods on and they wont connect on LAN. Any idea why with forge I cant connect through LAN?
  6. Its working on 2 of my computers, but on a third computer it is also doing nothing. It also happens to be the oldest computer, so maybe that has something to do with it. I havent been able to get it working yet. I have tried cleaning all java and installing the latest one. That hasnt worked. I get a black window popup for a microsecond and nothing.
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