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  1. I've made an auto smelting loot modifier, which works as intended, but I also want the xp from the furnace recipe to spawn when the block is broken. I first thought I could use a BreakEvent, but the block's loot has not been determined at this point, and I want to get the smelting xp of the drops afterwards. The old HarvestDropsEvent would've worked fine for this, but I'm not sure what to do now. I shouldn't do this in the doApply method of the loot modifier, right? I definitely can't really use the BreakEvent, as what if a block had two different things it could drop, and both have different smelting recipes with different amounts of xp, or one had a recipe and one didn't. Rng. It's hypothetical of course, and I'm not sure there are any occurrences of this in vanilla, but it's still a problem. Any ideas?
  2. Why do I need to do this? Because every mod should have a config. I want users to be able to disable any of my custom enchantments they want. This should mean they don't come in the enchantment table (done) as well as not appearing in villager trades and not appearing on vanilla enchanted books that spawn in chests. Lex says this is possible using the following: "By not listing them in the loot table that generates the books, or the list of villager trades.". Pretty sure that's not how these things work. I had an idea to use a loot modifier to remove enchantments that have been disabled in the config, but Lex insists "You shouldn't need loot modifiers to remove them from the tables. You should just NOT add them to the tables." So could anyone who knows what they are talking about explain how you can do this in 1.15?
  3. Currently LivingJumpEvent does not fire when the player tells a horse to jump while riding it, and I believe it was intended that it should.
  4. There is currently no way to detect when an arrow is shot from a crossbow, so a call should be added to the crossbow code. The charge should be whatever the default is for crossbows, or the same as a fully charged bow, I think.. I'm assuming this should be in "func_220016_a".
  5. I wouldn't say I know enough Java to pr Forge, so I will instead make my suggestion here. I think it would be useful if there was a ShieldBlockEvent of some sort, which is fired when an an attack is blocked by a shield. I would assume you could get the DamageSource of the attack along with the shield item from the event.
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