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  1. hi, can anyone tell me the best way how to implement shears? the problem with my custom shears is, they dont work on leaves, because the loot_table needs the minecraft:shears... I added a tag forge:shears and replaced the "item": "minecraft:shears" with "tag": "forge:shears" and this is working for vanilla leaves. but in biomes o plenty i cant override the loot_tables json, they use the default ones with the minecraft:shears entry. and not the modded version data/biomesoplenty/loot_tables/blocks/ "some_leave_block.json".. i tried to override the loot_table by using the event "LootTableLoadEvent" for the acacia_leaves block like this @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(bus=Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.FORGE) public class LootTableLoadEventHandler { @SubscribeEvent public static void onLootTableLoad(final LootTableLoadEvent event) { ResourceLocation resourceLocation = event.getName(); String modId = resourceLocation.getNamespace(); String path = resourceLocation.getPath(); LootTableManager manager = event.getLootTableManager(); if (modId.equals("minecraft")) { if (path.equals("blocks/acacia_leaves")) { event.setTable(manager.getLootTableFromLocation(new ResourceLocation(MODID, path))); } } } } i placed the new acacia_leavs.json with the tag entry in the path of my mod (MODID) and i tried some other locations, but now the block drops nothing .... the minecraft:shears isnt working anymore and the modded shears too... and i tried to use the HarvestDropsEvent, but it isnt working.... so... what is the best or right way to create shears?
  2. okay... hmm idk what thats mean... or how that is related to my question... Im working on a mod what effects only the world generation, so it is not needed at client side... but forge is still checking for this mod and that specific version... would be nice to disable this.... if someone knows how, pls tell me, I would appreciate that
  3. where to put in the @Mod annotation values in 1.14.4 ? serverSideOnly=true acceptableRemoteVersions = "*" somewhere in the mods.toml?
  4. yeah indeed... wrong version... I think I solved it... idk if it is the best or only way... previously I implemented the particles addition in the animateTick() method of the block... but the only way I found was to create a TileEntity and add the particles with the tick() method of the TileEntity, like the Campfire implementation...
  5. really? no hints? there is a bool "forceAlwaysRender" in the addParticles method, but it changed nothing...
  6. it is not possible to override the recipes with recipes using the datapack feature ?
  7. it seems that forge broke the recipes for mossy cobblestone wall and stairs... the slabs are craftable... When I create a new world in vanilla, without forge and load these world in a forge game, the recipes are working like intended but a new world created in forge has regular cobblestone walls and stairs as result with mossy cobblestone input...
  8. I made some blocks with campfire smoke particles, but the render distance is really short, maybe 8-10 blocks... Whats the key to get the same render behaivor like the Campfire smoke? Thanks for any help
  9. oh, good to know... thank you! @Override public boolean isSolid(BlockState state) { return true; } solves the problem, but its deprecated...
  10. I'm using BlockRenderLayer.CUTOUT_MIPPED, because of an ores overlay... With BlockRenderLayer.SOLID the ores render correctly, but the overlay don't work... If anyone could tell me, how to fix that, I would appreciate that!
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